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is creating a role-playing game.
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Get to be a footnote in the background of a truly magnificent world. Know that your contributions will be greatly appreciated and go mainly towards the beautiful art that will be featured in Araleyien.

Pledge this tier and you'll get your name in the finished product under a special thank you section. You'll also get access to special pdfs detailing races, lore, mechanics, and other such from Araleyien.

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You'll get everything from above plus you'll get the Big Bad Book of Baddies and other Creatures once the RPG is finished. That's a collection of creatures and such that make up the world.

Starting at this tier, you will also get exclusive access to a pdf post with a fully playable race and rules once a month. Those that pledge will get a fully playable game at its basics by time it hits retail.

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Be a part of the adventure. Every month at this tier you'll get the opportunity to create something with the lead designer. An ability, piece of gear, skill or trait, or even possibly a monster. Plus everything above.

The Patron
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We at TacoDragon bow to you, oh great one!

First off you get all of the above. That's a given.

You'll get all three books, The Storyteller's Guide, The Adventurer's Handbook, and the Big Bad Book of Baddies and other Creatures upon Araleyien's launch.

And you'll get to feature in the game. You will assist the lead designer in creating a character in game. That will consist of a name, race, class, abilities, gear, background and art. Requires at least 3 pledges in this tier for eligibility.



About Taco Dragons

Taco Dragons is a new company that will be focusing on the development of games you can bring to the table. At the moment we are currently working on our flagship TTRPG, Araleyien.
Taken to Patreon to fund art for the project.

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