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About TaintedGamer

What is up! Welcome to my page, do you like gaming videos and cut footage or bloopers and other magical fun stuff I decide to put on here to satiate the everlasting search for content? Well then, you are welcome here. Im basically gonna put some cool videos I put a lot of time in to on here that is special to my Patreon page that will be unlisted on my YouTube, feel free to share the links around with your pals and such I don't have any issues with non-patrons watching my stuff. This page is for my YouTube channel and your name will be put at the end of every video as well as a thank you for being such a epic person for being a Patron. As well as receiving special stuff such as cut footage or deleted scenes that I don't include in my normal videos maybe some extra videos I wanna post specially for my Patreon people as well. Anyways my channel link is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHOTZH8H-ngWB4XyZPu9uVA? I'll see ya there and have a great day!

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