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    Are you suffering from a chronic health situation?
    Stress and anxiety depresses the immune system, but why?
    Do you feel hopeless or confused by conflicting health information or advice?
    What does it mean to “stay open”, or “go inward”?

    Medical doctors know, though science cannot fully explain, that our immune systems function at their best when we’re happily in love. Yet, what is Love? Where does that feeling come from? Though many things in life cannot be explained scientifically, it doesn’t mean they’re not true. Take It Upon Yourself to be happy! Yes, you, not someone else, has the Soul power to live in joy. For, if you can’t accept responsibility for your own happiness, you can be stuck in blame.

    I’m not a doctor, I’m a layperson who’s experienced chronic disease and reversed it! And now, I am here to be a BRIDGE to anyone seeing traditional MDs and not achieving resolution to their issues, much less gaining any understanding about why they're suffering (not having identified the root cause/s). Use my book to discover the myriad of holistic health options available. And never lose HOPE!

    We can work through this together.

    Healing is proportionate to blood flow. Acupuncture, Acupressure, massage, using ASEA Redox, or in fact, moving your body in any way encourages blood flow in the body.

    Together, we can analyze what you've already tried, and then, we can get into a receptive state of BEing, opening, to allow new paths of health to open for you.

    What are our goals?

    •Save you time and reduce stress
    •Reduce sick care expenses
    •Raise your awareness of bountiful health and wellness options
    •Give you ease of mind when visiting with a health practitioner
    •Give you hope and lightness of thought while dealing with a health issue
    •Share my anecdotal healing story to open your mind about acupuncture and more
    •List trustworthy, legitimate, authoritarian sources of health information
    •Inform you of health and wellness options your doctor may not know of
    •Provide some logical questions for you to ask your healthcare providers
    •Inspire you to take charge / responsibility for your own health
    •Inspire the chronically ill, or those with reoccurring illnesses, to seek alternatives
    •Those in pain due to accident or injury, alternative options exist for you also
    •Provide insight into why your doctor is not educated about Nutrition and more
    •Introduce and encourage plant-based, meals, juices, and smoothies to build health
    •Reduce the amount of pharmaceutical pills in landfills and waterways
    •Help people and companies save money (and time) on health care
    •Explore Holism: the Holistic Health approach to Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit
    •Open your mind to receive the Connected nature of it all

    My new health advocate partnering program is one-on-one and personalized. I will use my intuition, accumulated knowledge, and body of research that I compiled for my new book, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, to find a strategy that works for you.

    We'll use my health book as an introduction to the basic concepts of health and wellness from the holistic perspective. But, we will also engage our intuitive self. After 13 years of researching alternative medicine healing modalities, self experimentation and much trial and error, I am here to help us ALL flow with our Soul essence and live a wholly vibrant life.

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