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Early access to everything created.

Every month you'll get a bundle with everything written within that month, be it story, side-ideas, worldbuilding, etc. There may also be art, videos, etc., all related to Aeyuu or my stand-alone novel-in-progress Fates.

So, if you feel like discovering all-new stories every month and sink your teeth into a unique, ever-growing world, this is the tier for you!

Included: Tales from Aeyuu archives. For every €1 spent each month, you'll get an extra month's worth of older bundles so you can be all up to speed.

Also included is a special nametag in Tales from Aeyuu's official Discord server. (How to redeem this reward)

Thank you for your support. <3

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So you want to be a Writer?

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This tier includes the benefits from the €1 Traveler tier. In addition, you will benefit from my Personalized Writing Feedback.

Concretely, every month you get to send me your WIPs up to a total of 4k words (=roughly 6 Word pages) and get in-depth feedback to help you improve your work. This feedback will be offered through comments, either on Word files or through Google Docs.

You will also gain access to a locked channel on Tales from Aeyuu's official Discord to discuss the art of writing with myself and everyone on this tier or above (and with my friends, who happen to be writers too. I know, what are the odds!?) (How to redeem this reward)

For more information on my work methods, please check out this post!

(Note: feedback will start after the first payment. But you may already request feedback during the first month)
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Storytellers assemble!

Limited (3 of 3 remaining)
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This tier includes the benefits from the €1 Traveler tier and €7 Writer tier. In addition, you will benefit from Extensive Personalized Writing Feedback.

This is the tier for the diligent writers who, like me, want to take their writing to a higher level and who may, unlike me, miss an important element in their literary lives: another writer with sharp analytical skills who'll say what they mean and mean what they say, all the while suggesting and encouraging. Basically: someone who's there for you to help you grow.

At this level, every month you get to send me your WIPs up to a total of 9k words (=roughly 15 Word pages) and get in-depth feedback to help you improve your work. In addition, you may choose how to receive this feedback:
* either written, through comments on Word files or through Google Docs.
* either recorded, where I read your piece aloud and comment on the spot.

Because of the potential for time consumption at this level, it will be limited to 3 people at a time. I need to work on my own stuff too, y'know?

For more information on my work methods, please check out this post.

(Note: feedback will start after the first payment. But you may already request feedback during the first month)

(Ine art by the fantastically awesome Vanillahare.)
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About Nocturnaliss

I'm Nocturnaliss, Belgian extraordinaire who's decided to live Life instead of suffering through it. As such, I've taken upon myself to succeed at my writing career and, along the way, take you readers onto a fantastical journey that will take us through wild expanses, dangerous cities, and, above all, through the hearts of Aeyuu's inhabitants.

A 30,000 year old world, Aeyuu is rife with life, with wonders and strife, with creatures you've heard of like Vampires and deadly, unparalleled beings like the Denumbra. Built upon a dual core of Divinities, the world has evolved to harbour a unique eco-system largely based on personal loves like glowing flora, violent wolves and man-height felines, and is still growing large and strong as I explore its depths.

As such, Aeyuu is still largely unexplored and a wide, open canvas I keep painting new ideas on, while expanding upon set foundations to keep the it a cohesive, breathing world full of possibilities. Aeyuu is a dark, dangerous place filled with wonders and beauty for those who dare stop and smell the fire roses.

The Tales from Aeyuu are, as the name suggests, stories taking place in this Dark Fantasy world – stories of life and death, of hope and despair, sometimes beautiful and vibrant, sometimes violent and tragic. As such, the Tales are intended for a mature audience. There is no darkness too deep, no topic taboo, and certain Tales may require a stomach of steel to pull through.

And every Tale paints a clearer image of this world that has been growing since 2011, built upon the foundations of a dead roleplay that taught me a lot about psychology and personal truths. There are always two sides to a coin, neither one aware of the other, except to the eagle eye of the writer – and to the avid reader who questions, for I am more than happy to share all the answers.

But are they my kind of stories?, you may wonder now. Fret not! Here are a few examples to whet your appetite (all links open in new tabs):

More to be found on the sites themselves, naturally.

As I am adamant to keep this world as accessible as possible, I've set the default tier at $1. This subscription offers you a monthly bundle of fresh stories, as well as access to the feed, Discord-specific role, and the rare opportunity to watch a world, characters, stories, come to life before your very eyes.
Furthermore, every $1 shared will grant you access to one month's worth of Aeyuu Archives, bundles shared in previous months and years.

And for the avid reader eager to learn more about the craft that is storywriting, the Writer's Package tier at $10 offers you the opportunity to share your own works with me so I can give you constructive criticism and uplift the inner writer pounding at the doors to your soul.

Whichever path you choose, know that your support not only means the world to me, but also allows me to keep on writing the stories you love. The avowed goal is to turn talent into a career, and this career into, at the very least, a steady little source of income.

To the core set of Patrons, friends and family, who have and still support the creation of Aeyuu, as well as its creator, and to the friends new and old, as well as my beloved Diurnalon, whose unwavering belief in me keeps the wind blowing in my sails.

And to you, who are reading these words. Be you unable to partake in Aeyuu's growth yourself, know that a share can go a long way! Be sure to follow our Facebook page and Twitter for updates and new stories.

The Tales from Aeyuu are:

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Start-up goal!

This would mean I'm gaining some traction (somehow!) and, as my heart's desire is to be read and enjoyed, that this has started to happen as well!

We'll celebrate with a video AMA :D
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