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There is only one tier, and it's not really a tier.  A dollar gets you everything (see rewards section, left), and makes us dance around the room like idiots.  Because we are happy, not totally because we are idiots. Obviously you may want to give more... we won't stop you (and it would certainly be super helpful!)

We'll be using the Patreon stream/comments to interact directly with you all, take suggestions, answer queries, and be as interactive as possible!  (Yes I just used the word interactive twice, that's how interactive we'll be!)
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About Taliesin and Evitel

Hello Internet!

We make videos as often as we can.  You can help make them even more often than that :)

As our channel grows we are getting less and less satisfied with giving our viewers video filmed on iphones and bad webcams, and we can only release one or two videos a week. All this makes Idris Elba sad. Do you really want to live in a world where Idris Elba is sad?

Didn't think so. Any help you give will be spent on wine help our videos look better, sound better and have more time and energy spent on them than before. You will make Taliesin & Evitel a better channel, and you will be awesome.


We don't have reward tiers, we want you to fund us because you want to fund us. Having said that, our patrons have:

* Regular Patreon only videos! Including our apparently never-ending "Great Taliesin & Evitel Q&A". It's kind of our fault it's taking so long, we tend to get distracted and go off on tangents a bit when answering. 

* Access to both our Patron-only Discord and in-game Blizzard community! It's full of nice people who are generally sound af. You'd like it.

* We basically ask our patrons for help a lot. We run occasional polls to vote on the subject of our next video (our recent "What Will Happen To Our Artifacts After Legion?" video was chosen this way), we ask you for ideas on merch design, that sort of thing.

* And keeping our Patrons updated to an annoying degree!  

It's not much, but it's a genuine gesture of our thanks and every bit of it is available to all Patrons. Anyone who wants to give us some of their very own real life money because they enjoy our videos and want to see more is automatically one of the coolest people ever and will be treated as such.

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