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The basic pledge level entitles you to be randomly selected to receive an artifact each time one is created. All Patrons receive access to an exclusive blog on this Patreon page that will keep you up to date with important announcements and show exclusive work-in-progress content of the current artifact that I'm working on.
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Receive everything in the Familiar tier, and also receive an invitation to a monthly hangout/magical midrash! Talk about current and upcoming artifacts with me and other patrons!
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Receive everything in the Familiar and Coven tier, and also receive a mini-talisman gift! This Talismonger pin will proudly display your support for the project, protect against the Evil Eye, and project an aura of ineffable mystique. Design in progress.




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What is Talismonger?

Important: Please note that the patronage amount is a recurring donation per artifact, so make your pledges accordingly! Read below for more details on how Talismonger works.

Talismonger is my attempt to increase the aggregate enchantment in the world by dispersing strange objects of occult and esoteric significance to consenting recipients. I love creating art inspired by the world of magical experience: witchcraft and sorcery, the manipulation of bones and twine, crystals, candles, twists of herbs, the pursuit of visions, blessings, and guiding spirits. The goal of the Talismonger project is to engender a sense of wonder and engagement with these neglected facets of human experience that are potent, intuitive, artistic, and mystical. I believe that tangible possessions can be an important link to the symbolic world, and that the language of magic is the native dream-language of that symbolic world. I hope that by creating connections to that magical realm, I can help inspire a sense of communication with a deeper sense of reality and to encourage others to look at the world and themselves as pregnant with untold possibility.

The creation of a Solomonic wand

Talismonger is an ongoing art project begun in 2014 to create original magical artifacts that draw upon traditional occult practice, mythology, and my own work experimenting with the use of esoteric themes in art as an avenue towards healing and understanding. These artifacts may take the form of individual worn jewelry, ink and papyrus sigils from ancient grimoires, hand-carved wands, rings, swords, bundles of herbs, or stranger things. Each artifact is sent to a randomly selected supporter of the project. Usually one large, detailed artifact will be created, but sometimes several small ones will be created in a bunch. In these cases, a number of different recipients will be chosen to receive one of these.
An average of four artifacts (or bundles of smaller artifacts) are created each month, but this number may be higher or lower, depending on the complexity of work involved and the vagaries of an unpredictable universe.
In addition to the dissemination of esoteric gifts, a gallery of the work I've done is maintained on the Talismonger Tumblr. It's also a great resource for keeping up with upcoming artifacts!

A spell scroll. Ink, incense, Egyptian papyrus.

How does Talismonger work?

Talismonger attempts to be egalitarian and non-capitalistic in its distribution of weird magic to the masses; everyone who wants to receive strange artifact gifts from the project can sign up to do so by becoming a supporter through Patreon. Every level of donation will guarantee an equal chance of receiving an artifact from the Talismonger. There are special rewards for supporting the project at higher levels, but the minimum donation amount is only $1.

IMPORTANT: Pledging $10 does not mean you will be charged $10 per month. If you pledge at $10, each pledge affords you one chance at an artifact. The confirmation page lets you set a cap on how much you want to pledge per month. Since the number of artifacts produced is unpredictable, this system lets you set a minimum charge of $0 (if no artifacts are produced) and a maximum of whatever multiple of your pledge level you choose.

Donations are used to finance the acquisition of supplies such as wood, ink, paint, incenses, varnishes, strange herbs, bones, old medicine bottles, and anything else a wizard might need to create weird talismans. Additionally, every dollar donated allows me to work more consistently on this project.

How do I receive an artifact?

Become a Supporter! Every time an artifact (or group of Small Artifacts) is created, you may be selected to receive said artifact. The selection is random and the minimum pledge is only a dollar! An average of four artifacts are created each month, so remember that you can set a Maximum Donation/month, if you're worried about going over budget.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to keep your shipping address up to date!
$87 of $100 per artifact
If this level is reached, I will begin making supplementary gifts in the form of Talismonger pins and patches to be sent out each month in addition to the artifacts. A swarm of Mini-Talismans to infect the world with weird hexes!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post