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Here at TCA we've now produced over 200 shows and 300 hours of off-the-wall, entertaining and hopefully informative audio - all of it commercial free. 

We are now regularly churning out close to 20 hours of content per month. That's more than your favourite NFL/CFL team, your favourite band, your favourite author or your favourite TV show. And like those, every bit of it takes time and effort and technology. 

We've enjoyed every minute of keeping you company - whether it's in the car, on the train, around the house or while you take your morning bowel movement. We're constantly looking for better ways to entertain you and improve our ability to do so and so we figure the best way to do so is to allow you to decide what your entertainment is worth to you. 

You can expect to continue to receive everything you've always gotten from us including Audio Whiplash, Tall Can Sports, Unforced Errors and all your favorite hostts where you've always gotten them and still totally free. 

What you'll find here is a series of extras including bonus shows and added ways to interact with us.

Regardless of what you decide, we thank you for the time you spend with TCA & hope that if you enjoy what we do, you'll support us here.
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