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is creating Beautiful Music and Explanations of How Music Works
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About Tamsin Jones

Thank you for visiting my Patreon page! I'm delighted that you have taken the time to take a look.

I've been composing choral and organ music since I was a teenager. I have developed a unique style that blends the methods and idioms of Baroque and Renaissance models with new ideas and influences. 

My music is performed widely, both in the UK and internationally.

I also use my knowledge of composing music to help others understand how music is written. I post videos of "Great Songs Explained" on Youtube that reveal the structures and techniques that underlie some of the most cherished songs of the last fifty years. 

Thank you!
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When I reach $300 a month, I shall set up a professional vocal quartet to make live video recordings of my compositions. In addition, I shall offer a showcase to a different new composer each month.
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