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Hi there, my name's Gretchen, but most of you probably know me as Tang. I've been a part time freelance illustrator since 2010. Many of you follow me for my fantasy and wildlife art, and this is a great place for you to help me keep doing what I love!

As of March 1, 2020, I’m offering some really cool rewards. The next few paragraphs are detailing each of those, but if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!


Monthly Stickers and Miniprints

Every month, I will make a small print (4X6 or 5X7) and a sticker (2 inches wide) and they'll be shipped to you!

Discord Server Access

Discord is a great way to connect creators and their fans. With access to my Discord, you will get access to a myriad of things, depending on what tier you choose. But regardless, everyone who joins my Patreon will get access to my sketchbook, where I toss sketches, finished work, and sometimes things that never get posted anywhere else!

The NPC Project

I DM a DnD 5e game for a group of teens at my local library as part of my part time day job. As such, I make NPCs for them to run into, and I'd love to share a few of the most notable NPCs with you, and eventually the rest of the internet. This reward includes WIP sketches of the NPC of the month, The final art of them (usually a waist up colored image), and eventually, at the end of the year, a fully laid out PDF of all of the NPC’s of 2020. There may be months when I do 2 NPC’s, but usually I will have 1 per month.

These NPC’s are designed to be easily usable in any DnD 5e setting. Whether you homebrew everything or use the established canon established by Wizards, my NPC’s can fit wherever you’d like them to.

Patrons will get access to the finished PDF for free, and depending on the reception of the project, will be able to purchase a softcover booklet of them at a reduced price.


WorldAnvil is my favorite worldbuilding site yet. If you join a tier that has WorldAnvil access attached to it, you will be able to explore my homebrew world of Fenras as I create it! From the ancient deserts of Sakkar to the mysterious Lashnet forest, the Osmein islands, and much much more, you’ll be able to access everything I write or draw for it, including maps, NPCs, locations, lore, and more!

If I get stumped (it happens more often than you’d think), I will also be putting up polls via Discord for you to vote on things to help build Fenras too!

Character Design Collaborations

For the $20 tier I wanted to do something that was both fun for Patrons, and handleable for me. Every month, if you wish to take me up on the offer, I will help you build a DnD5e or VtM character, and after their sheet is filled out, I will also do a waist up sketch of them just for you! I find that collaborating on characters can sometimes be much more rewarding than creating them in a vacuum!

Black and White Commissions

These commissions are exactly what they say they are! Black and White portraits of essentially anything you want! Original characters, DnD Characters, characters from other TTRPG systems, etc. I'll even do Critical Role fanart if that’s what you want!

I will be sending out surveys on the 15th of every month to take inventory of how many people want their slot for the month, and I will proceed from there as needed. Rewards do NOT roll over, you cannot wait six months and then demand six portraits in one month, I simply physically cannot keep up with those sorts of shenanigans.

Bi Weekly DnD games

Every other week, on varying days of the week (Saturday at 9pm EST or Sunday at 8pm EST, depending on your availability) I will be running DnD 5e games set in my homebrew world of Fenras. These games will be via Discord, voice only, and friendly to both veterans and newbies alike! I will assist as much or as little as you would like in building your character and helping to fit them within the world of Fenras. From there, we will begin adventuring! My games do tend to be pretty roleplay heavy, and as such I do expect players to participate. Having someone who is only there for the combat isn’t much fun to a party full of players and a DM who enjoy roleplay and character development.

*Disclaimer* I do, at any time, reserve the right to remove players from the game/Patreon if i feel they are being disruptive to gameplay, abusive or unkind to fellow players, or displaying any behavior which I deem negative and/or damaging to other players and/or the DM. If there is a behavioral issue in game, I will do my best to privately speak to players about things that come up, and I will try to mitigate situations, but sometimes I can only do so much.I also encourage my players to check in with each other should any intense roleplay happen within the game. My games are thematically appropriate for all ages, but as with any TTRPG, things do happen and situations may be emotionally charged. Please take care of yourself and others.


Mentorships are limited. I only open a few spaces for these because they are tailored to what you specifically, as an individual, want to improve on with your art.

When you pick this tier, I will send you a questionnaire where you can tell me a little bit about yourself, what your goals are for your art, and what you are looking to improve upon!

From there, I will offer what I can, whether that be individualized critiques of your work, anatomy study assignments, anything I can do to make you happier and more successful in your creative endeavors!

Thank you so much for your support! Without you, I simply couldn't do what I do.
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