Tanuki Lonely Planet

is creating Illustrations, anime characters and weeb stuff
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Spaceship Ride Ticket
per month

First tier but very important, travelers need that ignition to move the spaceship. Thank you for joining the crew. (We recommend bringing paper bags in case of dizziness, do not take your hands out the window and back there are still seats, no matter how full it is).

You will gain access to the following :

-Early access to my new illustrations

-Access to a monthly raffle for a free illustration

-My eternal gratitude

Luxurious seat
per month

Yeah, we know you want to travel comfortable. Take three pillows and an extra arm to place your favorite drink.  Equipped with a good safety belt and a mini fan for comfort.

With this tier you will receive:

 -Original PSD of my illustrations

-Early access to my illustrations 

-Access to a monthly raffle for a free illustration

-My eternal gratitude

Super Fabolous Awesome Seat (wip)
per month

 Still in development ...

The ship will be updated with time, little by little we will get the funds to travel to faraway places. In the meantime we thank you for your interest. 




per month

About Tanuki Lonely Planet

From distant distances to solitary planets, making illustrations to survive and continue the long journey.
All of you, inhabitants of the planets and distant travelers are welcome to accompany to my lonely planet.
$0 of $400 per month
We want the ship to have new facilities and be able to generate quieter, cooler trips for all travelers. At this time I want to improve the equipment I use to work and along with this generate more illustrations and more commissions.
I know it won't be fast, but I hope that little by little my work will encourage you to support me.

What I'm looking for is to create a tier where I can upload speed paint, videos with comments and if possible, tutorials of the little I know.
Depending on how I find the prices in my country, send printed articles to the patreons.

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