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Well, hello, and welcome! 

I'm an artist working in the hills of Maine.  I paint narrative oil paintings of people, because I continue to be baffled in my attempt to understand the human condition, and of toys, because I never really graduated from kindergarten.  Patreon is a way to follow my artwork and/or subscribe to various studio goodies.


"The Meeting"

I'm most well known for my paintings of my trusty sidekick, Sebbie--a marionette who's tagged along with me since childhood.  He's starred in my still lives for years; he has a following all of his own at this point (probably bigger than mine).  So let me introduce him now.

Me: "Everyone, this is Sebbie, Sebbie, this is everyone."
Sebbie: *waves*

"Sebbie and Chagall"

My recent Sebbie paintings can usually be found at Lotton Gallery, in Chicago.

My figurative paintings I consider to be more personal work, usually without gallery or venue in mind while they're executed (as attempting to understand the human condition is seldom a public act) but they are starting to make the rounds as well as I find my stride with them. 


And because painting alone isn't enough to keep me out of trouble, apparently, I've recently delved into the world of children's book writing and illustrating.  I've one book published ("Sometimes a Shoe Is a Shoe" available through lulu.com and the amazon monster--I get more money per sale if you buy through lulu), and several more in the making.  I enjoyed the total control self-publishing gave me, but am hoping to breach the agent/publishing house world with the next one.  Maybe.  We'll see how willing I really am to relinquish my control when it comes to it.

I won't lie, if I were to do it over I would make the cover a bit more colorful, but the inside is plenty colorful and I have it on good authority that small children are making their parents read it to them over and over.

So this is Patreon, take a look at the tiers to see what might interest you.  You can also find me and mine at the links below:

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