Tara Luther

is creating Contemporary, Fantastical-Surreal, Oil Paintings, & Storytelling
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About Tara Luther

Hi! I'm so glad you've stopped by to visit my page! Thank you for your interest, your support, and your encouragement. The truth is, I can't make anything happen without my fans & collectors. This is a place where I can make my art and my process more accessible to you, and offer you something in return for your support. I have a lot inside me that I want to share. Even at the $1 level, you're helping me create more time to produce art, & to get these big visions out of my head and into the world. Thank you so much!!
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I participate in many shows and festivals throughout the year. Most of the these opportunities have entry fees ranging from $30-$150.

I also participate annually in an international juried art festival called Laguna Art-A-Fair, located in artist mecca of Laguna Beach, California. This show runs for 10 weeks. It's an incredible opportunity for me to show my work to a wider audience, and form relationships with new collectors. There are opportunity costs involved. These costs are approximate.

My artist booth ($1400)

Shipping paintings & Supplies ($1000)

Lodging ($1000/Month)

Travel Expenses ($1000)

Without the help of my collectors, I wouldn't be able to do this festival at all. Your support is vital to me. I've set my monthly goals in relationship to the amount of art work I can realistically produce, while fulfilling commissions, & all other aspects of running my business.
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