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I'm Tara Swiger, an author, podcaster, YouTuber and fostermom.  I help makers and artists build sustainable, love-able business.

My podcast, Explore Your Enthusiasm, provides (free!) weekly lessons to handmade business owners. We discuss how to get stuff done (with the workday you have), how to talk about your work (without feeling gross), and how to do more of what you love (and less of what you don't). 

There are over 250 free episodes of Explore Your Enthusiasm, along with more than three hundred videos on YouTube: all if it aimed at creating sustainable businesses, while maintaining your mental and emotional well-being. I make all of this pragmatic business encouragement available for free because I love you, and I want your business to succeed. 

I've also created over a dozen online courses, both for my own site and for CreativeLIVE, and I lead an an online community for makers dedicated in building the business they really want (it's called...The Starship. We are nerds). 

If you enjoy the podcast, YouTube videos, Instagrams, books or any of it, this is how you can support my mission of helping women grow their businesses, themselves, and their confidence. 

As a Patron, even at the $2 level, you're going to get more behind-the-scenes stuff, including contributing to the podcast and  access to a new BOOK CLUB! Basically, you're going to good more of what you love, all in one place. (No more hoping the algorithms share it with you!)

At the higher levels, you're going to get more input into what I teach and what I read, and more physical goods.

My goal is simple: I want to create more helpful stuff, for more makers, as sustainabley as possible (so I can keep doing it for a long time!). Your patronage makes that happen. 

 I've been self-employed and the primary earner in my family for a decade. I've traveled the world teaching makers how to become their own business expert. 

I want to make these resources available to more women, at every level of means and opportunity. I could create higher and higher priced exclusive stuff, but I want to create more accessible stuff to help more women. And if you've been helped by what I create (free or paid), I wanna give you the opportunity to support me, my family, and this resource for women in business. 

Because I believe YOU are the best expert in your business. 
That's right. I'm not the expert. You are. 
I know some things, after building my own handmade business (I sold handspun, handdyed yarn, since 2006!) and after working with hundreds of crafters, designers and artists. But I'm unwilling to create a "brand" that has to convince you that you are NOT the expert, in order to make more money or seem fancier or earn more prestige.
Instead, I want to find the most sustainable way to build your biz confidence. I want to make things that remind you of what you already know, that help you take what you know and put it into practice. 

To do that, to help more makers and artists, at every stage of business (and financial means), I need your help. 
Yes, you're going to get fun behind-the-scenes stuff and not-available-anywhere-else stuff. 
But also, you're going to be supporting me and the work I do. You are going to be directly supporting my personal Mission: to spread sustainable, love-fueled businesses, run by artists and makers with integrity, throughout the world. To let every woman know: your work is valuable and you can build the life you want, with hard work and experimentation. 

It comes down to this: If you become my patron, you're helping me create more goodness for you and other tiny creative businesses who can't afford to spend money. You're supporting me in making something that will hopefully inspire you to become more adventurous and share your  goodness with more people. 

We are working together to tell makers and artists and designers: You can create the business you want. You are the best expert in doing that. 

My next few goals for the Patreon include: 
  1. Getting a video lighting set-up, so I can make brighter, better videos throughout the colder months. (Winter is coming!)
  2. Starting a Read-along Book Club!
  3. Who knows? You'll vote on what we do next!
If this sounds like the thing you wanna support and be a part of, choose a level that works for you, and click the button below it to sign up! You can stop at any time, so don't be shy about coming (and going) depending on your own biz success! 

$13.11 of $100 per month
Celebrate with me! 
We'll hold a celebratory live chat - it'll be available to all Patrons! You can ask me your biz Qs and I will answer them!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 177 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 177 exclusive posts
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