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Targets4Free - Free Printable Shooting Targets

We believe that recreational shooting should be accessible to everyone who wishes to join in the hobby, or even get into shooting sports. But one big cost that people forget about is the cost of targets. Our goal is to make a huge variety of shooting targets that you can print at home, for free, to save money, and make shooting sports cheaper!

A number of people have thanked us for our work and wished to donate, but we didn't have an easy way to do this. Enter: Patreon. We think that by starting a Patreon page, we will be able to have a closer relationship with contributors, as well as gain more financial resources in order to continue putting out high quality free printable shooting targets regularly!
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At $250 per month, we will be able to put more time into creating and distributing new targets. We'll put at least 2 targets up every single week, as opposed to our current 1 target per week.
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