Taryn Harbridge is creating Music videos

The Blissful Blueberries

$1 /creation
This tier gives you access to my patron-only stream and allows you to view my videos one day before they go live on YouTube (the 21st of every month). You get to see what I make before everyone els...

The Cheerful Cherries

$5 /creation
Become a cheerful cherry and I will send you a free mp3 of my How to Train Your Dragon Medley (after first payment goes through) as well as give you access to my new videos one day before they go l...

The Pleasant Peaches

$10 /creation
Become a pleasant peach and I will send you a free mp3 from every new video I create for each month that you share your support.  I will send the mp3 to the email listed on your Patreon account aft...

The Marvelous Mangoes

$25 /creation
Marvelous mangoes receive everything from previous tiers (including the How to Train Your Dragon mp3) and I will happily add your name to the credits of my videos as a special thanks for your suppo...

The Whimsical Watermelons

$50 /creation
Give $50 or more a month and you will become a whimsical watermelon. This tier is for the extremely generous folks with a watermelon sized heart. In addition to everything from previous tiers (incl...