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      Hi there, welcome to my Patreon page!      
*I VOW* that if I do receive a record deal that doesn't require losing my soul, I WILL NOT sign it, unless all my Patrons supporting me at that time are capped... & then grandfathered over into the deal, so we can continue this relationship 
Basically, what that means... Is in case someone in the music industry offers me a deal that you & I are comfortable with, I will make sure that the contract does not change our relationship whatsoever. 

My name is Taylor Ray Holbrook. 
In 2 years I've went from working as a logger (lumberjack) in SouthWest Virginia, to releasing my first single "Steal My Kiss" which turned me into a BILLBOARD Charting Independent Artist!
I now live in Nashville TN... 
Wanna talk about a change in life-style? Yah... It's been an interesting transition...
But it's all thanks to the power of social media... & the fans that it allowed me to acquire... & THAT I proudly admit! =D 

Because of my fans, I'm pursuing music as my full-time career! 
I'm set up here on Patreon as a way to help fund my career and engage with my fans & supporters more personally.

The music industry is some sort've beast that quite honestly, I'm afraid to challenge, so as long as ya'll want me to keep doing this, I will! 

"Patreon provides a personal  relationship between an Artist and the Supporter."
It's not an easy task keeping up with 1.3 million people across several different social media platforms... Trust me, I've tried! lol 

How it works?

Choose an amount you wish to pledge, based off of your personal decision, or which reward you'd like! 
POW = Piece Of Work...
If I have a video professionally done & it costs the moolah, then that's considered a POW.  
If I don't release a video within a month, then you won't be charged!
This keeps me working... & I like it that way..
That’s it! You’ll be charged once a month for any POW's I have released during the month! 
You can also set a limit so you never go over your budget, which is adjustable at any point. 
Delete your pledge.
Edit your pledge to less.
Edit your pledge to more.
You name it, you can do it! 
Ball is in your court! 
(I plan on only releasing 1 POW per month)  Trust me, 1 is enough to keep me busy! lol 

What’s in it for you? 
        »  Merchandise
        »  Cover Songs & Original Songs  (With Mp3 Downloads)
        »  Behind-The-Scenes Footage
        »  Gifts/letters in the mail.
        »  Adventures! (You're comin' to me, or I'm comin' to you) - that's right.
        »  Original Songs AS I write them (just don't spread them ;)
        »  And much more!

Thank you to all my fans & supporters. Everything I have, I owe to you!
"We'll Be Seein' Ya"
-Taylor Ray
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If we hit this goal, ALL PATRONS get a sweet wrist-band & a personal letter from yours truly <3 Must be a Patron when we reach the milestone.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 318 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 318 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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