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Welcome to the "Tazer" Patreon page.

I am an urban explorer based in the South of England and I visit many derelict and abandoned sites, not only to make videos on them for my youtube channel...but because they are AWESOME! 

The feel of entering a building which has potentially stood untouched for years till you at that very moment entered it is such a thrill. And researching and discovering the hidden history of the sites is sometimes just as fun.

However, due to the nature of the hobby, it does require me to travel a fair distance sometimes...which is a good thing as it means I get to see more of the world, but it costs money, something which all of us find hard to come by. 

And for every explorer or indeed youtuber out there, one of their biggest passions is to create bigger, better, more professional content for their viewers to watch. And I'm no different.

My content will ALWAYS be free and I won't ask any of you to donate, but if you feel like you can help and want to see how far we can take the Tazer YouTube Channel. How many sites can we visit...how many countries can we go to...and together...how many amazing adventures can we have. Then please become a pledge and help me out on my Urbex Journey.

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