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Hello everyone!!

My name is Brian Peterson. I've been training in the martial arts for over 25 years now. I've competed in wrestling, BJJ, and MMA and I've coached champions in all 3 sports. Ever since my first time showing someone a technique, I knew I had a passion and a knack for getting the message across. The more I learned, the more dangerous I became, and the more confident I became at being a great educator of the martial arts and specifically Grappling/BJJ/Wrestling. I seem to retain knowledge well and I have an ability to combine techniques in harmony as well as convey the information to others young and old. Now I am well over the competition hill but I am still very passionate about learning and education. I started a YouTube channel to spread the knowledge I have amassed over the years and it surged exponentially once people started to see what I had to offer. I started out slow but now I'm planning on going at it like crazy until I retire some day! Life is short and I don't want to die before showing the world what I know.

Almost everyday I am supplying my channel, TeachMeGrappling, with fresh new content, receiving positive buzz from my supporters in return. My life is very busy with running my own gym, Peterson Grapplers, where I train Wrestlers, BJJ practitioners, and Mixed Martial Artists. There are many digital students that I have acquired and I'm trying my best to help out as many as possible. Unfortunately, YouTube ads do not provide a good source of income to help keep the channel healthy and stable. There is new equipment I would like to purchase to improve my video quality in addition to being compensated for the hard work and detail I put into every one of my videos. There are other videos out there... many are good but there are many more that are lacking. I know I can help those that watch my channel become better at Grappling/BJJ/Wrestling/MMA. I want to continue to do this for as long as possible. This is my life!

The act of buying things in this world is sometimes funny. We purchase a pair of movie tickets and go see a show only to feel the movie was only worth half of what we paid… sometimes not even that. If we order a hamburger or a burrito, we pay the asking price and from time to time we feel it was not worth our hard earned dollars. A BJJ private lesson can cost $100 or more and we may learn a ton and get our money's worth or possibly feel let down with just another technique bombardment that bares no fruit in upcoming training sessions. Tipping a waitress or hairstylist is interesting because it seems to be up to the individual to donate an amount that reflects how good of a job the service person is doing. The individual gets a chance to have a say in the worth of the service after it is performed. I feel that the service person has, in a deeper sense, "earned" the dollar more so than when one is paid hourly for their work. It shows appreciation and has positive feedback to the individual providing the service to continue doing a good job.

I give a significant amount of time, thought, and energy into my videos in addition to replying to as many questions as I can. I imagine as my channel continues to grow, I may only be able to give back to those that actively play a role in the channel's success and contribute directly, as a reward for their donation. I plan to also have giveaways consisting of rashguards, t-shirts, and other gear to show my extra appreciation to those who donate.

As a martial artist and content provider, I would love to continue to give away my 25+ years of dedication FREE to all. However, it doesn't seem feasible without tips and contributions that can make it a win/win for all parties. Other content creators out there will charge you a monthly fee or a price per video before you know what you are getting. I like the idea of my digital subscribers being able to contribute to my channel an amount they feel it is individually worth to them. If you feel my channel is worth $10/month, you can do that. If you feel its $20, that's up to you. If, on occasion, just one of my videos has significantly helped you in any way and you want to do a one-time donation of $3, that's fine as well. It puts the control in your hands. No amount is too small, the more my channel keeps growing and the more contributors we have, the more energy and resources I can put into this endeavor. We all spend $5-$10 every now and then on things that may only improve our lives in a small way or not at all. If TeachMeGrappling is helping your skills, your enjoyment, and your life, PLEASE contribute to reflect how much it is worth to you!!

Thank you very much and I hope to help you all one day!

Coach Brian Peterson

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