is creating videos about politics & sociology with some cultural commentary

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About TL;DR

A lovable teal deer exposing human stupidity in all its forms using my glorious super-power of common sense.... and Google search.

Generally my content is focused around meticulously researched data (obtained from government and academic journals) and fact checking claims made by supporters of feminism and social justice although there's a good deal of snark and sarcasm thrown in just for fun.

TL;DR: I'm your therapy animal on the internet.


Testimonials from satisfied social justice feminists on the internet:

"I wasn't joking when I said you're an ass.  I hope one day soon that you are raped" - Tim Graf (Youtube)

"I can dox you and send a swat team to your house to rape you in your sleep" - Sykeo123 (Youtube)

"Go fucking kill yourself" - Boblarson (Youtube)

"Kill yourself, like actually go hang yourself" - Meow Master (Youtube)

"Typical insignificant unremarkable white male bitching about how unfair everything is now that theres more colored folk and women. Do us a favor keep up that high suicide rate. Good Riddance." - Anthony Jackson (Youtube)
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I generally dislike live streaming.  This is the bribe you must pay that will get me to start doing them once a month. They will feature AMAs, research streams, live critiques and maybe even some guests.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts

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