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TealTeacup HYPE CREW 🙌🙌🙌

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Derp Kitty loves you! 
❤ Show your ultimate love & support for TealTeacup by officially becoming a part of the HYPE CREW!  🙌🙌🙌
❤ Make an impact on what comes next for TealTeacup by participating in Patreon exclusive polls and feedback posts!
❤ Exclusive Sneak Peeks of future designs and WIP artwork
❤ My Hype Crew inspires me to continue to do my best and grow more and more this year!
Includes Discord benefits


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Patrons will receive a *TealTeacup original design* enamel pin, based on the current month's theme!

You'll Receive:
✦ 1 Monthly Enamel Pin
✦ 1 Monthly Sticker
✦ TealTeacup Shop coupon Patreon VIP discount code!
✦  Patreon Exclusive access to Digital Content, polls, and previews! Your feedback will affect future designs!
✦ Shipping within USA
Includes Discord benefits


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per month
+ 1 Themed Enamel Pin
+ 1 Themed Mini Pin (or pin accessories)
+ 1 Matching Sticker
+ 1 Deluxe Goodie (March Washi Tape)
+ Possible Random Goodie(s) depending on the month! 
+ 25% OFF TEALTEACUP.COM COUPON valid each month

Up to $36 worth of goodies and includes shipping, full access to the exclusive Patreon feedback polls, behind the scenes sketches, Sneak peeks, Tips & Tricks,  and random digital and printed goodies! SPOTS ARE LIMITED!
Includes Discord benefits



About TealTeacup

Hi! My name is Gayle! You might know me as Teal, or TealTeacup~ I am an artist who loves designing Enamel Pins and Stickers! I love making chubby, kawaii, derpy, funny, MOOD, and relatable designs to connect with others who enjoy some of the same things! My favorite themes are FOOD, CATS, GHIBLI, CORGIS, PUGS, RED PANDAS, SHIBAS, JAPANESE TREATS, and anything ROUND! Lol, I really hope you like these things toooo, because I plan to make a whole lotta pins with these themes and more! **^_^**

My goal for this Patreon is to provide NEW PIN AND STICKER DESIGNS MONTHLY, with the help of subscribers who love and want to support TealTeacup Shop. Subscribers will receive a “Thank You gift” every month that might include a free sticker, special “Thank You” note, and/or other goodies (depending on the month)! Patrons will also receive a special Monthly Discount Code for my shop every month! (COUPON CODE ORDERS WILL SHIP WITH MONTHLY PATREON PINS)

This tier will support original designs (non-fan-art) from TealTeacup! There will be at least 4 THEMES A YEAR! Please follow @tealteacup on Instagram for up to date reveals of new pin designs every month! Pin Club will help my TealTeacup Shop produce NEW ORIGINAL DESIGNS throughout 2020, while giving me some room to focus on achieving additional goals throughout the year like NEW MERCHANDISE, OUT OF STATE CONVENTIONS, and GROWING TEALTEACUP AS A BRAND <3

♡ TIER 1 SUBSCRIBERS: Rewards include 1 Pin, 1 matching sticker and 1 20% off coupon for Tealteacup.com (coupon valid on 1 purchase until the end of the month) !! This tier gives you access to all Patreon exclusive downloadable content, polls, sneak peeks, early access, random goodies and more! 

♡ "DELUXE" PIN CLUB SUBSCRIBERS: "ANY GRADE" PIN CLUB SUBSCRIBERS: Up to $36 worth of goodies: 1 Pin, 1 mini pin (or pin accessory, 1 matching sticker, 1 deluxe goodie (including any future charms, washi tape, magnets, and other higher-priced goodies), a reward's domestic shipping, 25% OFF monthly coupon for Tealteacup.com, and access to the exclusive Patreon feedback polls, behind the scenes sketches, Sneak peeks, Tips & Tricks, and random digital and printed goodies!

♡ "ANY GRADE" PIN CLUB SUBSCRIBERS (TIER NO LONGER AVAILABLE): This tier will have the same design as Tier 1! "Any-grade" means that 1 of the remaining pins and 1 sticker from this month's design will be delivered as rewards! The "Any grade" tier rewards might be an "A" Grade and might be a "B grade pin", depending on if the tier is FULL and the inventory from the specific batch. This tier will help guarantee you will get the Pin-club design of the month without missing out! (this tier does not include the special VIP coupon or VIP Freebie.)

For details on my grading policy, please see the "About Pins" section at Tealteacup.com

Choose which Tier you would like to subscribe to! The reward for that MONTH will be listed on the photo of the tier as well as the header! On the day of subscribing, you will be charged for the selected tier and eligible for that Month's Rewards! On the 1st of the Month every following month, Patreon Subscribers will be charged for the respective month's rewards! There are a limited number of slots that will be available for each tier! If you cancel your pledge, that spot becomes open for someone to potentially take. 

 All tiers include the price of shipping!
❤ Domestic Tiers: All Domestic Tiers include tracking.
❤ International Tiers: Includes First Class international shipping with ship insurance and tracking.. 

Rewards and gifts will ship out between the 1st and 15th of the month following the month you are charged. For example, if you subscribe between January 7th-30th, your rewards will ship between February 1st-15th (SHIP DATE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AS WE CONTINUE TO EVOLVE PIN CLUB THROUGH THE PIN CLUB EXPERIENCE ~!)


As a patron, If you need to CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS,
1.) Please do it manually on your account. 
2) MESSAGE US DIRECTLY THROUGH PATREON to notify us of your address change.  Patreon does not notify us automatically, and your recurring rewards will be shipped to the FIRST address you put in every month.

All pin-club pins are carefully graded TealTeacup's team! For details on my grading policy, please see the "About Pins" section at Tealteacup.com 


Please email [email protected] for any rewards/shop order related questions. 

We do not retroactively apply any coupon codes to shop orders.

Coupon Codes are 1-time use within the month of the coupon activation period, coupons renew within 1-7 days of the new month (notifications posted in Patreon Post monthly ^_^)

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♡ 200 Patrons will allow a new VARIETY tier to open! 
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