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About Team Ravel


We are Team Ravel, and our dream is to make adult visual novels everybody loves.

Currently we are working on a project called "Hey, sis".

Download Hey, sis v0.1

For Mac:!gENVzZBJ!hGligSAXGpWXpRnOZB_ikev...

What's it about?

The story of the game focuses on a brother-sister relationship.
Kate - Andy's sister is a completely normal person, whilst Andy isn't.
After Andy gets thrown out of his current home, he has to stay at his sister's, and now he has to make a choice - to follow his urges, or to try and act normal.


Our game takes a form of a visual novel, where you - as Andy, live with your sister and make some important choices during your stay there.
For every decision you make, a hidden point system will lead to different dialogues and ending in the future.


We plan to add one full day per update (if possible).
You, as patrons, will be able to take part in polls on what do you want to see in the future versions of the games.
Next update will be somewhere around the end of April, then we'll do updates according to the pledges system.


We have a ton of ideas on what to add next, plus we want to cooperate with you to create what you guys would like!
In the current game, we want to include:


What's with the colors? Well, the BLUE is for what we would like to implement, and the RED will be optional for you, and will appear as a choice in-game.

Patreon, Pledges and what if you can't spare us a buck?

For patrons, apart from cool rewards you get a HUGE thank you from us!

We created this patreon page to be able to share our work and receive feedback from you.
Of course, it's not necessary to pay any money to play our game! You'll still get it, you just have to wait longer.

How the pledges will work?
For example:

If you've decided to donate 5$, you'll get a new version every month, participation in polls, info about future updates, and lots of scene previews.

If you've decided to donate 10$, you'll get a new version as soon as they are released (the plan is to make one every 2 weeks), hardcore scene previews and you can offer us your ideas about future content that we'll add. Access to previous tier rewards and even more!

Future plans

We want to continue developing "Hey, sis", and when it's done, we'll start a new project, hopefully full of your ideas! We'd love to create a lot of short adult stories and cooperating with you is an important aspect.

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More materials to work with = better content!
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