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About Team Rizu

Hello and welcome to the official Patreon of Team Rizu for the upcoming revision of Stepmania, version 5.3, code name OutFox.

Here at Team Rizu, we're all about pushing the limits of Stepmania, be it mod files ported by Mr.ThatKid, or some crazy stress test (like in the video RyTak made.) You can see our progress with 5.3 in the link to our blog below.

What's the point of this?

While working on the project, the project lead 'Squirrel' and RyTak concluded that the game has been heinously overdue for a complete modernization and core engine rewrite. Rage, the core engine of Stepmania, is very outdated and lacks key features for use with modern hardware, as well as the raw performance capabilities required to run smoothly on both newer and older hardware.

Clearly, many people have experienced problems with more recent versions of Stepmania, and it's code base is very outdated and broken and clearly needs help.

What does Patreon have to do with this? The game is free to download and play.

Correct, the game itself currently is open source software.

In order to accelerate the development of the new engine and to implement a very long list of features for a richer and more modern experience, we need a form of income so that way we can research and develop new methods and features for the future version, code named StepMania 6-Serene.

The majority of the funds generated from this Patreon will be used for R&D costs for the engine and hardware expenses that may occur due to faulty parts.

Tell me more about the long list of features:

- Live Streaming Integration.
- A brand new Stepmania Online system (with cabs directly linked to the cloud for instant profile saving, as well as leaderboards and tournament event systems for both pad AND keyboard play.)
- Touchscreen Support.
- New game types:
Project DIVA
Groove Coaster
DJMAX (Technika/Respect)
Rock Band/Guitar Hero
Pop'n Music
Reflec Beat
...And probably more!
- A brand new theme called Kirin.
- Native Arduino/Raspberry Pi device support.
- Mobile Variants of many of the game types.
- Console Support.
- Reintegrate support for older hardware and OSes (current SM5 installs do not do this correctly).

- And much more to come through the community's ideas!

How can I be part?

Whether you will become a Patreon or not, we encourage you to participate by joining our community.
We are excited to hear your feedback and ideas - Please join the Moondance Discord here:

We also have a development blog at:
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