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About TechRaptor

TechRaptor is a website built by gamers and techies, for gamers and techies. We cover everything from AAA titles, to the latest in tabletop games. We don't care who has the most money behind a title or product, we just try to cover it as objectively as possible. If we enjoyed a game we'll tell you all about it, if it wasn't all that great, we'll let you know that too. We bring you the current gaming news every day, including the stuff other websites may not cover!TechRaptor has a wide and diverse range of contributors, people from all backgrounds, and from countries all over the world. Such a diverse pack means that we have diverse opinions, you’ll side a wide variety of thoughts and opinions from our staff.

What does TechRaptor offer readers that most other sites don’t?

When it comes to news – you’re going to see passion in what our staff writes about in every post, because we’re gamers and techies too, and we truly care about what we’re putting up on the site. From new game releases to industry news about censorship or issues, you can guarantee that you’ll get a well-informed article from a writer who cares about the issue.

Gaming NewsTabletop News
  • Value Added News is our guide – we want to add value to each post whether in providing further information about the topic, context of it, or the writers clearly separated quick take on the story.
Gaming ReviewsTabletop Reviews
  • When it comes to reviews – you can guarantee that we’ve taken the time to play the game, meaning that you’re going to get well-informed articles and reviews site-wide.
Gaming GuidesTabletop Guides
  • Our ever-growing team of staff and freelancer writers are always working hard to bring you video game guides that will help you in your quests, as well as tabletop guides to help you get the most out of your adventures and play sessions!
Gaming FeaturesTabletop Features
  • We want to bring you quality content that you will enjoy reading every time
Gaming Video Content
  • In recent years, we've greatly expanded our video content, bringing 2-4 new videos a week to the website and our YouTube!
  • In 2021, we've relaunched the "TechRaptor Podcast" - publishing new episodes every Monday at 7a EST!

Video Game Release Calendar
  • We've launched a game release calendar that's a great resource for finding upcoming releases you may be interested, as well as releases of the past!
Event Coverage
  • E3 – We send a few people to E3 every year to conduct interviews and write up previews, as well as our offsite staff covering conferences and news! We’ve published over 210 articles both of the last 3 years (2016, 2017, 2018)!
  • Gen Con – You can guarantee we’ll be visiting the biggest board gaming convention around, conducting interviews, gameplay videos, and more!
  • Indy PopCon, PAX East/West, and more – even more previews, interviews, and coverage!

But where does the money go!?
Staff Pay – Money from Patreon goes directly to raising our staff pay. We pay our staff per-article within 24 hours of publish, but would like to pay them more. If our Patreon grows, it opens up the ability for us to pay them even more.

TechRaptor roars a giant THANK YOU for your support so far! Without you, we wouldn't be the website we are today. If you can't donate, or you just don't want to, no worries, just keep reading and we kindly ask that you turn off adblock, it really does help.
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Disclaimer: Developers: we ask that you DO NOT donate to our Patreon and instead concentrate on putting out awesome and creative products and games!
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It's great to have support from all of our readers! Ultimately, we are here for you and we want to give back in every way we can. Thank you!
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