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About Techie Time with GD Three

We are going to be creating a new type of Tech Review channel on YouTube. No gifts from big phone companies to sway us into nice reviews, only the honest truth so you know where to spend your hard earned money! We will keep it 💯!

To do this, you the Techie Time community, must help me, GD Three, to be able to fund purchasing the smartphones you choose to be reviewed. You may say, what is in it for me? Well, besides honest thorough reviews, after each smartphone is used for 1-4 weeks, all of my Patrons will be entered into a raffle to win the handset I have reviewed! That is right! I will be giving away every smartphone I review to my supporters! Winners will be announced at the end of the review video!

It will work like this, you can enter to be a Patreon member from $1.00 - $100.00, with the number of raffle tickets being made available in the amounts of; 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 75, and 100 per month. For each dollar you donate, you will receive 1 ticket, so 10 dollars = 10 times the chances! 

If just 100 people average pledges of $5.00-$10.00 a month, then we will be able to review one to two Mid-Range phones or one Premium phone per month. If we get double that, 2-4 Mid-Range phones a month or 2 Premium phones and if we get up over $2,000 a month then we can do four Mid-Range phones a month or 2 Premium and one Mid-Range. 

The odds of winning one of the phones will be MUCH HIGHER than other contests because there is likely to be less than 100 people in the beginning and for $5.00, $10.00 or more, (plus great reviews and news on upcoming phones) what do you have to lose! 

Let's do this together folks!

p.s. Once we reach $500.00-$650.00 I will be buying either the Redmi K20 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A70, or the Google Pixel 3a XL. Or if popular demand requests something else in the Mid-Range division then we will review that! You are the bosses here, you fund this experience and I cannot wait to get started!
(Keep in mind I am based in the UK so some prices may be more than in your country.

My first reviews will be of my personal phones (which will not be put up for the raffle for obvious reasons 😂) the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the OnePlus 7 Pro!

Please donate now!

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