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The Ayamaju Fate is a series of adult games which explore an unusual magical quirk across the timeline of the world of Chalia.

First and foremost, thank you for coming to my Patreon page and reading this. I really do appreciate your time and consideration.

Ted Fallenger, which is me, intends to keep this series of games (and possibly other media) going for the foreseeable future with an ever-expanding universe and timeline. With your support I can explore every nook and cranny of this universe and find all of the "fun stuff" that happens behind closed doors when the characters don't think anyone's looking.

All of the games will be free. Period. I know there's already a period there but I wanted it to be clear. Supporting me here will get you access to many more channels on my Discord server so you can talk to me and other supporters as well as see any Patreon-only posts I put up here, which will be art previews and other game-specific info that isn't release-related. Higher tiers allow access to private channels on Discord and the ability to vote on any polls that I post, such as the subject of any request streams I run.



Blank Slate

[Current project - Active development]
Download Newest Version [0.01c]:  MEGA  -  
Jilnixi is up to her old scheme again, but this time with a twist. The subject she's found doesn't have a lot of personality of her own and is destined to coast through life without interests or passion. Instead of letting this happen Jilnixi decides to make her more susceptible to the personalities of the people she meets. Where will this extra-dimensional influence lead our hero? What level of depravity will she sink to? Will she find love?
Well, we shall see...

A chronological sequel to Fey's Day with a new cast of characters which takes place more or less right after the events of Fey's Day. This project is at a much grander scale than my first game and will set the bar for my future titles. I'm also switching to Ren'py since it seems to be more well suited for the kind of games I want to make for now.


  • Ren'py based Visual Novel
  • At least 15 characters you can become intimate with

Fey's Day

[RELEASED: Ver. 1.02]
Download:  MEGA  -  
A succubus from another dimension has been watching the people of Chalia for centuries, occasionally slipping through the space between realities to visit their world. Recently she noticed a girl named Fey was in an interesting situation in her life and decided to play a bit of a prank on her.

This game was made as a way for me to become familiar with RPG Maker MV and develop my pipeline for planning content. It's more or less a demo of the kind of games I want to make going forward.


  • A short-form experience
  • Choice-based progression with six endings
  • Explore the town of Cullfield to find extra scenes

$0 of $300 per month
Request Streams!
Starting at this level of support I'll begin a monthly Illustration Request Stream schedule which will involve getting a list of possible subjects from patrons at the Thaumer tier or above, setting up a poll, and drawing the result! High-res images will be provided to supporters at all tiers.
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