is creating cool projects n' stuff like that

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Along with supporting me, you'll get a fancy rank on my Discord server! Many thanks <3
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Many MANY thanks!! This comes with a fancy Discord rank too.
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Many MANY MANY thanks!! 100% guaranteed warm fuzzy feeling in your heart! <3 (and also a Discord rank but that's beside the point) 
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About TehBrian

Hi there, I'm Brian!

I make cool things from time to time. Things like software, music, and sometimes art. If you would like to support me or show appreciation for my work, I would be eternally grateful if you would be my patron.

Please take a look at the tiers! Currently, the benefits are quite minimal (because I'm not sure what exactly what anyone would want to pay me for), but I can guarantee that you'll get a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart for supporting me <3

That's all, thank you!
$1.90 of $10 per month
If I reach this goal, that means I did something worthwhile on the computer! Thank you to all of my patrons, I can now afford to buy a new game each month to keep my spirits high!
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