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Receive access to custom sub emotes, receive a shoutout by yours truly on stream and be added to the supporter list on my bot (IssuesBot) to get double septims which you can use for giveaways!
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You will be rolled for monthly giveaways which you DO NOT even have to be in the stream to WIN!

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You will receive a special thank you card from Me and Crystal (Mrs. Issues) in the mail every month!

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About TehIssues

First off, thanks for choosing to support me! I try to stream daily from 11PM EST to 2AM EST. Preparing the stream and all the content including streaming itself takes a lot of time and money! Gladly I have had the support of some amazing people on Twitch! Your support goes a long way even if it is just a dollar it really means a lot to me. The pledges will be used for making the stream better, giveaways, more games to stream and they will also allow me to spend more time streaming and creating amazing content!
$0 of $50 per month
If we reach this goal I will be adding another hour daily to our streaming schedule! So instead of streaming 3 hours daily, we stream 4!
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