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Thank you, even a dollar makes a diference! No joke.
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If you are reading this, chances are you already know what TehMonitor or TehMonitorTV is about. If you don't, please visit our two websites, TehMonitor.com and TehMonitorTV.com for more information. It is greatly appreciated, so thank you for checking us out!! If you don't fully understand the difference between the two, I will explain the basics right now.

TehMonitor vs TehMonitorTV. What is the difference?

Coming soon.

So, why Patreon?

    Money makes the world go round, and apparently people have been asking for ways to tip, donate, subscribe, etc. As the owner and founder of the TehMonitor brand, I am not good at asking for things of that nature. I only created the ability to donate because someone asked too! The same goes with this Patreon. 

    With Patreon I feel I can actually reward those who wish to help by donating by actually giving something back. Every dollar has always been accepted with humility and a warm heart. Now as I find my brand slowly growing, I wish to have this platform available sooner, rather than later, so you can reap rewards for your dollar. I am always open to suggestions on new donation perks. Now let's go on this road together!

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I can pay the hosting fees for TehMonitor.com and TehMonitorTV.com! :D

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