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About Temrin

You all mean the world to me! Thanks for checking out my page!

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PROJECT FAQ (Inlcuding some patreon help!)

Buy me a Coffee/Ko-fi RedBubble | Society6 | Etsy | TeePublic | Discord Server | YouTube | TwitterMastodon

I am a freelance fantasy and anthropomorphic artist. I primarily work in the furry niche, drawing SFW and NSFW content, however I want to delve into other topics and projects as well. I want to expand and be able to draw comics, non-furry fantasy critters including elves, demons and other more specifically human looking beings as well as more actual animals, in and out of the fantasy genre. Dragons unicorns, pet portraits, you name it! I also want to delve into body positivity projects and showcase all kinds.

On top of this, i also want to give back to my fans and the community with tutorials, one-on-one lessons, give feedback and help the next generation of artists to flourish.

This project’s primary purpose is to make creating my primary and STABLE job, while giving my fans lots of great content in various forms, each month. The more people that become members and support the project, the bigger and better content I can create! Art, commissions, pins, t-shirts, posters, calendars, sculptures, original paintings, cameos (like the image below) and more! You guys get to direct me in what projects you want to see me complete, what subjects, and more!

**Months I take off will still have free content posted for community members**
Jan-Feb: Normal Patreon Months
March Off: Convention Month (VancouFur)
April-Sept: Normal Patreon Months
October: (Inktober) Biggest month of the year. Extra custom art opportunities for Patrons.
November (Not off): Convention Month (Howloween)
December Off: Holidays!

This is not a pay wall for art.
At least one version of finished artwork gets posted publicly (web size) but patrons get to see things first, get high res versions, exclusive art/offers, behind the scenes content and tailored content to their votes. Videos, WIPs and all the bonus content wouldn't be possible without my supporters here so yes, they get extra goodies for their support!

View info on how often you are charged, how to edit/cancel pledges, information on rewards and more at PROJECT FAQ

TERMS OF SERVICE for Commissions & TRELLO QUEUE for full commission/project List.

Canvas Swap Zine | A SFW Biannual Collaborative Art Zine

Lochy | Sexy Fantasy Comic Art
79% complete
-Unlocks a yearly "yearbook zine" project for patrons. Current $5+ patrons can see the 2018 yearbook which is a preview of what this reward could be like.
-Device wallpapers for $5+ folks as available
Desktop, Phones, etc.
-More streams!
-Character AMA's
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