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per Videogame/Anime Cover
If you pledge $1 per cover video, you will get access to the Patreon-only feed, where I post updates and rough drafts of covers I am making. You will also get EARLY ACCESS to my covers! Be the first ones to watch and comment on my videos! 

Everyone who pledges gets access to my Discord, regardless of pledge amount! 
Includes Discord benefits

Super Babe

per Videogame/Anime Cover
Pledge $3 per video, and you will get a free MP3 download of my covers! I will also occasionally make posts announcing upcoming collaborations/covers!
Everyone who pledges gets access to my Discord, regardless of pledge amount!

Includes previous tier rewards!
Includes Discord benefits

Ultra Babe

per Videogame/Anime Cover

Pledge this amount and I will add your names to the end credits of my videos! You will also get access to my sheet music transcriptions! 

Everyone who pledges gets access to my Discord, regardless of pledge amount!

Includes previous tier rewards!

Includes Discord benefits




per Videogame/Anime Cover


Hi, everyone! Thanks so much for checking out my Patreon page! 

I'm Tera (TeraCMusic), and I make covers of songs from videogames! These covers are usually either string or vocal covers (sometimes both). 

The reason why I joined Patreon is because I think it is an amazing way for us content creators to get paid. Music has been my passion for a long time, and being able to create quality, consistent content for everyone would be incredible! Currently, I do all of the work myself; audio recording/editing, video recording/editing, creating backtracks, etc.

My dream is to make music for you guys for a living. I want to be able to share my passion with everyone, but I can't do it alone! This is where you come in. With Patreon, I can afford to continue upgrading my gear and improving my quality, while providing you with the best content possible (all while not starving, which is always a plus). Read below if you want to learn more! 

---Patreon Pledges---
The best part about Patreon is that you have total control over your pledge. If you want to, you can pledge more money per video (or vice versa). If you don't want to exceed a certain amount each month, you can set a monthly cap. Patreon is very flexible which I think is completely awesome!

If you are unable to pledge right now, don't sweat it! Go ahead and follow me on here and on YouTube, and make a pledge when you are ready. I will still be making YouTube videos, but the pledges I receive will go towards making higher-quality content for everyone. 

Where does this money go? 
Your pledges have gone/are going towards the following costs:
-Monthly Adobe CC Subscription
-Violin/Viola Strings (every 6 months), Viola Rental Costs
-New Keyboard
-Filming Equipment (new lenses, softboxes)
-Mixing/Mastering Costs for Cover Albums
-Cost for Album Art
-Licensing Costs for Covers on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, etc.
-New VST plugins 
-Komplete 12
-Occasional Milano cookies 

Thanks so much for stopping by my page. I really appreciate it! You guys keep me going. All of the moral support I get already is overwhelming. I really hope we can work together and make this happen :) 

$148.34 of $250 per Videogame/Anime Cover
Woah!!!! If we reach this goal, I will purchase one of these products:
-TC Helicon effects box
-Studio Monitors
-Fab Filter Pro-Q 3 + Valhalla Room Reverb
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