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is creating (Free!) TALES OF SUDDEN WHIM (Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Humor/and more!)

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...Once upon a time Teryl Pacieco, a curious multi-fandom dabbler, fled a bird-themed social media site and stumbled upon a multiverse of Mammoths and a higher character limit.

Encountering many story-makers, Teryl became inspired and began weaving tales of their own, wanting to spread the same joy and wonder they'd experienced.

Striving for the ambitious goal of Humor-Infused Positivity and Hope, Teryl's musings, random thoughts, subversions and observances are chronicled then shared freely.

With genres ranging from Fantasy, to Sci-Fi, to Slice of Life, to Urban Fantasy, to Superheroes (AND Villains), to very occasional Horror and more, there's something for everyone, and with most tales being 100 words or less*, there's something for everyone in a hurry!

(*Teryl, the Many Armed Weaver of Tales, makes no apologies for yarns that escape and run long, frolicking unhindered by standard character limits.)

Content is created and uploaded daily (barring lack of internet access), with a minimum of 7 posts a week - for some days the tales run rampant and plentiful, whilst other days they need to be sought and coaxed out with soft voices and soothing gestures.

Guaranteed Gluten-free.
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