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For 5 bucks you can get all my exclusive content I drop on here.
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Ya'll showing some real love with the 10. Hopefully help me do this more often so I can put more work in for ya'll.
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You would showing OD love and support with a $20 and I would have to think of something special for ya'll




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What's up ya'll it's Ya Boy TeyTheGod! I started this patreon to help give ya'll the best exclusive content for competitive Madden as well as NBA 2K. I am a Top 25 Madden player in seasons and WL. And the best pure sharpshooter in the park with a 70 win % and 11 PPG average. I also made the top 300 interviews out the NBA 2K Combine.

I play both games at a high level and make constant tip videos throughout the year, but I always save my best for me & my friends. Now that I have Patreon I can supply you guys with the best tips & tricks I wouldn't put on my YT channel! You can also use this to such support a young kid tryna make some money doing what he loves! Thanks ya'll, many blessings.
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