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I Want To Push Better Representation in Geek & Pop Culture Discussion.
They call me NERDSoul and I am a creator who covers geek, pop culture, film/tv news, reviews & dropped jewels! My mission is to add a bit of flava to the online film pundit, comic book and pop culture discussion. This is an important mission, in my opinion, as I know that representation matters and I haven't seen many people that look like me in this role. I also don't see films, tv shows or comics with people that look like me being discussed as much either. So...

How Do I Help?
I do this by covering events like Comic Con and Indie Comics Day, and reviewing films from high to low brow, and all in between. All of this, along with reviewing tv shows, interviewing creators in the industry and reviewing comic books, as well as creating myself, allows me to contribute to this online community in a specific and unique way--with NERDSoul!

Why Support NERDSoul?
I've been reading comics and studying film & tv since I was rockin that OshKosh and I haven't stopped since. I have also worked in indie comics and after not getting what I need from the current, pop culture pundit industry, I decided to not complain and instead...create! This year, I have been creating videos (daily) and podcasts (weekly) with NERDSoul to close the margin and fill the gap left by low representation. Honestly YouTube is NOT a full time job or income for me. I primarily make my living as a Creative Designer/Director in-house and for specific clients at

Last year, a friend challenged me on daily content and I am working to continue that everyday as I know that's what my audience is looking for. But to step it up with the NERDSoul brand by covering more events and reviewing more media, I need your help!

How Can You Help NERDSoul?
With the support of fans like you I can put in more time and buy additional equipment to produce higher quality content for you. This will also enable me to produce even more of that higher quality content that budgetary restrictions may have pulled me away from. More time + additional equipment = More dope NERDSoul content focusing on what you want to talk about.

Here's the breakdown of how I expect to expand:
  • Bring in an assistant designer so I can focus on creating more content for NERDSoul.
  • Invest in a better equipment to improve the audio/video quality of the podcasts and videos.
    • Add wireless Lavolier microphones for better audio at events and conventions. (You know how loud crowds can get)
    • Invest in a camera upgrade that will add another camera angle to set videos and enhance the quality of overall video.
  • Bring in a part-time editor for events with massive interviews (Like #BICD Buy Indie Comics Day, Comic Cons or #FCBD Free Comic Book Day)
  • Budget for more industry conferences, red carpets, travel & cons to provide fan- and behind-the-scenes access.

Thanks for reading and if you wanna holla? Listeners & viewers can reach me via Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @ThatNERDSoul
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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