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You like to see the butter get churned, eh? That's cool... more importantly, you'll get to interact with our tiny god, Giz! You've heard him gab about Geminus lore during our off weeks, but now you can interact with him!

Patrons of this level will be given a special URL and password to send Giz an intergalactic message. With it you can:
  • Ask for personal advice from a tiny god.
  • Offer Giz a deal or business arrangement.
  • Apply to become an (honorary) tiny god yourself!
On top of previous tiers, you'll get:
  • Unedited Single Player episodes 3-4 weeks early (or as soon as they hit my editing queue)
  • Google Docs drafts of projects I'm working
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About Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr

Hey there Super Friends! Welcome to my Patreon, one of the best ways to support me and the work that I do. I'm your benefactor, Kevin Gallagher.

Who are you?

Great question. When I'm not wearing the hat of "partner" or "dad", I wear the very catch-all hat of "content creator". What does that mean? Well...

I'm mostly a podcaster. I've been hosting podcasts since 2007 (Everything is Awesome, The Stabcast, The Zombcast, and more) and have recently changed direction from "interview comedy podcasts" to "tabletop roleplaying games actual play podcasts". As of February 2021, I'm the host of Single Player, an actual play podcast focused on solo RPG experiences. Unless something has changed since I relaunched Patreon, I also host The The Muppett Show Show, a The Muppett Show rewatch podcast.

I'm also a writer. You can mainly find my work on Dark Knight News, but also publish on my own personal blog. I'm currently working on a series of science fiction and traditional fantasy novels (which are related to the universe I play Single Player games in).

I've dabbled in game design, which you can find on my page. The games I've designed mainly revolve around wrestling, but I have a few non-wrestling games on my 2021 "To Do" list. 

I have a big interest in film and am hoping to make a big step towards more video work in 2021 as well. Currently, I have some skits from years ago up on my YouTube channel.

OK, but why do you want our money?

Well, this Patreon is designed to help support me with these, and future, projects. It also gives me an opportunity to share what I'm doing with you before the general public, get you involved with what I'm doing, and maybe even have some fun!

At first, funds will be used to cover all my costs. Over the last year or so, I've streamlined everything I do to eliminate as much as I can. From there, funds will allow me to bring in paid contributors (audio editors, artists, writers, etc.) and create even more projects at a professional level.

Here’s what I have planned for people willing to subscribe to my Patreon:

  • Early access to podcasts, project notes, scripts, footage, and everything else that I make.
  • Advice videos/blogs about podcasting and producing live events. I’ve been podcasting since July of 2007 and have learned a lot along the way that may help save you time. I’ve been producing events since 2003 when I helped organize Falls Township Wrestling shows and continues this day with podcasting and comedy events.
  • Exclusive access to special channels on a Discord server. Here, we can talk about different projects, collaborations, help motivate one another, and more.
  • I’ll stop ranting publicly about ideas I have and start sharing my first look ideas, scripts, audio bits, etc. with you.
Patreon will work as both subscription service to everything I work on and a space to share experiences, crazy projects, and whatever else comes up. As a patron, you get to see that stuff first, help shape it, and (this is the best part) bring it to life.

No matter the challenge, he's to a brighter 2021 and beyond!
$1.85 of $50 per month
Operating Costs Are Covered!

All fees related to hosting/web are covered for the month! I officially don't pay for anything out of pocket anymore and WOW… that's a first in over a decade! Thank you!

I'll officially open the flood gates to a Discord Server (with some paid tools to keep everything safe and fun!) where we can gather and chat as a community. While this will be open to everyone (and not just Patreons), I will also hold monthly Patreon Exclusive Fire Side Chats that could include special guests!
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