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At this level, earn a YELLOW BELT in the TAKE NO SHIT dojo.  Yellow signifies sunlight shining upon the seedling, giving it POWER. If you desire, we shall EMBLAZE your name and YELLOW BELT status on the show page, for all the world to see. (But you have to ask!)

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Your BROWN BELT awaits you. You'll earn the right to access BONUS EPISODES  and... RECYCLE THIS! --  the book Al Gore’s greeniacs tried to kill - but could not.  151 lavishly illustrated pages with dozens of outrageous audio comments from Johnny Glo-Skull.   See Hollywood eco-frauds bitch slapped and exposed. You'll be mad enough to kill, but laughing too hard to do it.

Download it now. (If audio tracks won’t play, download Adobe Reader free and they will.)




We know why you're here.

You've had a belly-full -- of bullshit, political correctness, namby-pamby, nicey-nice, group-think, cookie - cutter pansyfied, sanitized radio and podcasts. You want REAL. You want AUTHENTIC. You want TRUTH.

Welcome to the club. That LARRY SHOW is an EXCLUSIVE club for those who know what time it is.
Each week, we'll meet at the crossroads of madness and enlightenment to load up on laughs and winning strategies.

We'll help you face any situation and emerge victorious. Most importantly, you shall do so and T.N.S.- that's Take No Shit! Isn't that the key to life? To cruise through the relentless barrage of shit-spraying ack-ack guns manned (or wo-manned) by assholes at work, school, wherever -- and emerge unscathed, and triumphant? 

Larry is a survival specialist. His book, The L&L Beancounters Catalog - Survival Gear for Your Career, helped thousands conquer workplace misery. Then, Larry's MACK DADDY - Mastering Fatherhood Without Losing Your Style, Your Cool or Your Mind helped countless dads raise stellar kids - with no help from the goddamn "village!"

By supporting this Patreon, you not only ensure an uninterrupted supply of Larry for yourself and your fellow club members, you help sustain the fight for Truth, Justice and a shit-free America.


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