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The '$1'nteger, get it? Well, if you didn't; you'll get whats below instead!

*(Also, all tier's get perk equivalents for my game dev studio tiers and vice versa where possible / valid!)

What you get:

  • Exclusive private updates on current / new content or ideas!
  • $1 higher influence / sway etc on things like game selection and content!
  • Special patreon / sub badge where supported on various platforms or / and thank you shout-outs in the community if desired & where possible!


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In addition to the lower tier awesome, you also get:


  • $3 higher influence / sway etc on things like game selection and content!
  • Entered into free PC game key draws for T3er 2+ subs!
  • A lighter wallet but warmer feeling inside!
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 In addition to the lower tier sexy, you also get:

What you get:

  • Exclusive special / private access to the Bronze Level VIPatreon Discord role and channels!
  • Priority / first access to all new / upcoming content!
  • Greater influence / sway, priority and votes on things like game selection, content and community multiplayer / co-op events / invites!
  • Entered into free PC game key draws for T5er 3+ subs! (Higher sort after games).
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About The 1nteger

Who are you and what form of magic is this?

Better known as The 1nteger on the interwebs, I'm your friendly neighbourhood game content broadcaster (I've made games too) with a degree in memeology and tech. The day-job (night job of late) movie / TV copyright infringement protection.

I've being playing games of all kinds since 5yrs old back in 87' (so as long as I can ever remember) and developing them for 11 of those years too (only ever sold about 20 copies of any games ever so don't ask :D).

This Patreon serves as my destination to give awesome people like you the chance to gain exclusive access to awesome content from our shared passion for all things gaming!

Aside from amazing content your VIP access enables me to focus and dedicate to:

•Crafting full, thorough & respectful but fun gameplay playthroughs with commentary of mostly if not all blind (never played / or mostly never played) game broadcasts (or Let's Play's); it just makes it a better experience for you (and me) methinks.

• Also we are starting to have so occasional tutorials, tips, game reviews, commentaries & rants on gaming industry / content creation.

If that sounds good to you then thank you for joining this growing awesome gaming community! :)
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The first dollar's the hardest which means a private forward flip celebratory thank you onto something very, very soft to mark the occasion!
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