The 8 Spot is creating Comic Books, Videos, a Community and more

$1 /mo
You will have our eternal thanks and in return you get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you have helped the arts.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for the warm fuzzy feeling to arrive. If it does not ar...

$5 /mo
You get a shout out on one of our shows.

The shout outs are very good. I recommend buying 2. One for yourself and one for a friend.

$10 /mo
Digital copies of all our books. It's the modern age who wants to deal with hard copies. You can get PDF's of all our books just like all the cool kids have.

New books will arrive one mont...

$20 /mo
You get the books early!!!! You will get digital copies of all our previous books and hard copies of any books that come out while you are a patron.