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is creating tutorials on video game math, physics, and programming.

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Thank you so much for the support! Your rewards will include:

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  • Chat on Discord



  • 新教學與未來預定主題的更新資訊 
  • 可於Discord伺服器上聊天
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 All of the Bunny rewards, plus:  

  • Discuss tutorials on Discord 
  • Suggest future tutorial topics on Discord



  • 於Discord伺服器上討論教學
  • 於Discord伺服器上建議未來教學主題
Includes Discord benefits

Super Long Bunny

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All the Long Bunny rewards, plus:

  • Source & asset files for illustrations & examples



  • 獲得教學文章中插圖與範例的程式碼與素材原始檔案 
Includes Discord benefits



About Ming-Lun "Allen" Chou

Hi! My name is Ming-Lun Chou, or you can just call me Allen.

As a professional game programmer, I am experienced in game math, physics, procedural animation, AI, gameplay, and graphics. I like to write technical tutorials on making games. However, doing so takes a lot of time off projects I work on to support my family. By supporting me on Patreon, I can afford to put more time and effort into creating more and better tutorials.

My tutorials are written in text with illustrations (images and/or animations), so readers can learn at their own pace. It's also easier to quickly search for keywords in written tutorials. I like to explain math by showing visualized geometric meanings, avoiding academic mumbo-jumbo. As for post frequency, I aim to write 1-2 tutorials per month.

Whether you become a patron or not, you will have equal access to my written tutorials, which include all the math and code snippets necessary to learn the subject matter.

However, if you become a patron, as a thank you, and based on your pledge level, you could (1) join my Discord server to discuss the tutorials (2) make suggestions on future tutorial topics (3) have access to the source and asset files used to create the illustrations & examples in the tutorials, which will mostly be created using Unity as the tool and C# as the programming language.

The pledge amounts are per-creation instead of per-month. I think this is fairer; as each tutorial will take an unknown amount of time to write, I cannot guarantee a constant monthly publishing rate.

I will publish all tutorials on my blog.

I sometimes stream development of my Unity extensions on Twitch.







然而,若您透過Patreon贊助,為了表示感激,根據您選擇的贊助等級,您將可以 (1) 加入我的Discord伺服器討論教學內容 (2) 提出未來教學主題的建議 (3) 獲得教學的插圖與範例之程式碼與素材原始檔案,這些檔案將大多是透過Unity為工具及C#為程式語言所開發。



33 of 100 patrons
When I reach 100 patrons, I'll stream some the development portion (Unity & programming) of my tutorials on Twitch.

當達到100位贊助者時,我將開始於Twitch上開始直播一些教學文章的開發部分 (Unity & 程式)。
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