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TJ's Army

$1 /mo
Support the Amazing Atheist channel. Get access to Patron stream--exclusive announcements, coupons on TJ merch, etc. 

TJ's Friends

$5 /mo
Every month TJ does a live show for patrons of 5 dollars or more. Don't miss it! 

TJ's Generals

$20 /mo
All the benefits of the lower tiers, plus: You will be invited to the exclusive New Discord Chat, TJ's War Room, where TJ will make scheduled and unscheduled visits to chat with his most ar...

Patrons Of The TJ Arts

$100 /mo
You will receive the same rewards as the lower perk levels, but also you can commission a crayon or watercolor portrait of yourself by TJ, who as we all know is renowned as the world's foremost vis...

TJ's Masters

$500 /mo
You can sponsor an Amazing Atheist video. Your channel, product, or whatever, will be added to the beginning of a TAA video. This is extremely cheap advertising for a channel my size. Great deal.