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New Equipment!
$3,000 per Month of Videos
If this monthly goal can be reached, I will buy more lenses and set pieces etc to increase my shows production value. I am constantly striving to deliver the best possible show. Also, we will produce the animated short " The Amazing Atheist Guy!"
New editing computer!
$5,000 per Month of Videos
I will buy a new editing computer to raise the quality of my videos as well as being able to full utilize Adobe After effects.


I am a lovable rapscallion who hatefully critiques the world around me with whatever wit I can muster and as much crudity and yelling as I can get away with. 


New Orleans, LA, USA
Columbus, OH, USA

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Dear Fans, 

I have been a YouTuber since 2006 and my fans have been with me every step of the way: video after video, week after week, year after year. For 8 years I have dedicated my life to seeking out and destroying stupidity wherever I found it. And to be completely honest with you, I'd be content doing it for another 8 years and beyond. After all, I live in America, where stupidity is perhaps our most prevalent natural resource! 

If you enjoy what I do, then I'd ask that you consider contributing to my channel as a patron. In recent years, I've had to sell out to big advertisers left and right to keep my channel alive and kicking. But I'd rather not work for them. I'd rather work for you. 

Even if you only contribute a dollar a month, it helps! It helps tremendously. It helps me to buy or rent new lenses, cameras, lights, microphones, editing computers, animators, graphic designers and all of the other things and people that it takes to keep what I do going. Not to mention the fact that at the end of the day I still have to eat (a lot!) and pay my bills. 

I hope that you review the reward levels below and decide to become a patron of my channel. Even if you decide not to, I thank you for taking the time to read and consider this message. 

Your Friend In The Fight Against Stupidity, 

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