Amelia DeWitt is creating the Barely a Princess book series

Weather Insurance

$1 /mo
Insurance for when the weather man is wrong again. (Fine print: Does not hold any monetary value. Only the peace of mind that your future is bright! :D )

Downloads and Previews

$3 /mo
Get high-quality downloads of illustrations and other promotional art as it becomes available. Plus monthly chapter previews.

  • Monthly Chapter Previews

Private Livestreams and/or Chats

$5 /mo
Join me for frequent livestreams and chats. (At least once per month.)

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  • Patron-only livestream

Your Own Minecraft Server

$7 /mo
Your very own on-going (5-player) Vanilla Minecraft Server running on my servers. I might even check your builds out sometimes. :D

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  • 5 player Vanilla Minecraft Server

Programming Feature Request

$15 /mo
I will add any minor feature request you have for my open source projects. (I reserve the right to slightly modify your request if need be.)

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  • One Minor Programming Feature Request


$40 /mo
Will draw any piece of art you'd like. (Excluding erotic or complex requests. Can't guarantee it will be perfect but I'll sure try my best.)

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  • Exclusive Art by Yours Truly