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About The Amp Hour

The Amp Hour podcast is hosted and created by Chris Gammell and Dave Jones. It is the world's biggest electronics and engineering related podcast show. Now in its 6th year, with well over 250 episodes, the show continues to deliver content for electronics enthusiasts of all types. 

The Amp Hour formerly took sponsors, but the interruption and the small amount of money did not make it worth it. For listeners, the show has always been and always will be free.

So to help pay for it all we are now offering a way for listeners who want to, to donate to the show.
We've accepted PayPal donations before, but Patreon is a much better platform for this. The donations pay for streaming server space, proper microphones to send the guests and (as we grow) our time to keep this whole thing going.

  • It's an avenue to provide a regular donation because you like the show and want to encourage us to keep producing more content.
  • It's a way for listeners to ask us stuff and get our ear, without being drowned out by the countless thousands of other messages and comments we get weekly.

  • It is not a promise of access to any special content, offers, or anything else. Something might pop up occasionally, but consider it a bonus, see below.
  • It is not a right to dictate what content we produce, what topics we chose, what we say, or how we say it. You get no extra say than those who listen for free.

Patreon is better than PayPal because it allows us to easily know who is supporting us and gives us the tools to interact and share things with those supporters.

We have absolutely no plans to provide special content for paid supporters, so consider anything on here a bonus. But we do value my financial supporters, so you might get some outtakes or other content occasionally.
But the problem we want to avoid is one of expectations. Our priority must and will remain producing content and maintaining and running the show as we currently do, so that's why we can't and won't promise anything to supporters.

No, absolutely not! Nothing is changing. Think of this as just yet another way to donate to to the show.
We do not have the time nor the inclination to produce exclusive content for paid supporters. That would be a really dumb move on our part.

That's cool, your listernership is more than enough, thanks! This Patreon thing is just another way for those who do want to support us financially, to do so.

Patreon allows either Monthly donations, or a donation every time we release an episode.
For regular but not too frequent content, per -episode is the best option. As it means if we can't do an episode for a few weeks or a month for whatever reason, then you aren't charged for it.
And listeners typically listen to every episode, as they are very formulaic. So per episode makes more sense than monthly.

So thanks to all our supporters, whether or not you are just a regular listener, or you choose to support us financially through Patreon or some other means, whatever the amount. It is much appreciated.

Dave & Chris.
100% complete
One benefit we had back in the day of advertising was paying for transcripts of each show. We'd like to get back to that. If we hit $200/month, each show will have a transcript that is uploaded a few days after the show. 
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