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Thanks for your support! I don't hate you. I'll even put your name on a list of people I don't hate right on my website so that you can tell the world I don't hate you. Officially. And if you ever find me at a convention, a game store, or other public venue, just introduce yourself and I will tell anyone you are with that I don't hate you. Hell, I'll even write down that I don't hate you on something if you really want me to. 

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Thanks for your support! I don't hate you. Seriously. This is a serious level of not-hatred. Just like everyone else I don't hate, you can tell the world I don't hate you. And if you find me in some sort of public venue, I will confirm that I don't hate you in front of actual human beings. In addition, if you've got a blog or a Twitter feed or a Twitch channel or a YouTube channel or something geeky and game related, I'll go ahead and put THAT on a list right on my website with a link so the world can get at it. As long as its clean, relatively safe for work, apolitical, and geek-related in some capacity. Obviously, if I ain't comfortable giving the link, I'll let you know and you can decide whether its worth keeping the pledge level.

You also get access to The Angry GM's Awesome Discord server where you can hang out with a bunch of like-minded Angreons and even, sometimes, me. There's a lot of activity there and monthly live chats and you can sometimes even sit down and have a cup of coffee with Angry himself. It's the best damned community on the Internet.

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Thanks for your support! If I had friends, I'd call you a friend. But I don't. So the best I can do is call you a Frienemy. As a Frienemy, you get all the benefits of being Seriously Not Hated. Acknowledgement, gratitude, a link to your content if you want it, and my publicly admitting that I don't hate you in front of your friends if we ever meet in real life. 

You also get access to The Angry GM's Awesome Discord Server. Which is awesome. That's why I named it that. It's really great and full of fun people. I explained that above.

And you also get access to the Secret Stash. That's where I put the game content I've created: maps, monsters, notes, rules, documents, pregens, and so on. I dump the stuff I make for my home games there. And I add a new thing or three every month. You can download them for personal use if you're my Frienemy.

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About The Angry GM

Hello! I'm the Angry Game Master! I give RPG Advice with Attitude!

Every week at, I deliver tons of quality gaming content that people absolutely love because I'm the best damned GM to ever walk this green Earth. Seriously. But I can't do it alone.

Over the past few years, The Angry GM site has grown into a massive undertaking. I provide, detailed, in-depth analysis of various topics for Dungeons & Dragons and other table-top RPG game masters. From a detailed description of the most basic of GMing skills to advanced analysis of the rules and how to change them to suit your needs. If you're still learning the ropes, you'll find articles about running games, building adventures, starting campaigns, and designing your own worlds. If you like to rip apart the game and make it your own, you'll find wodges of custom rules and design insights. It isn't hyperbole to say that is literally the most important site about table-top role-playing games ever! It's the reason Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax invented Dungeons & Dragons.

Your pledge of support ensures regular, weekly releases of full-length feature articles covering a broad range of gaming topics. One week, you'll learn How to F$&%ing Run a Game. Next week, you'll learn how to Hack Your F$&%ing Game or you might find a diatribe on a random gaming topic; basically a bunch of Random Bulls$&%. Beyond that, your support helps ensure other content like the Ask Angry advice column, the Let's Build a Megadungeon project, and the weekly podcast collaboration project Digressions & Dragons keep happening.

How can you make all of that happen? Easy. Decide what those feature-length articles are worth and pledge that. Are they worth $1? $3? $5? $50? At the end of the month, you'll be charged for each article released that month, TO A MAXIMUM OF FOUR. You will never be charged for more than four articles each month, even if I crank out extra content.

Now, what if you want to pledge less than $1 an article? What if your money is tight and you just want to drop a small monthly pledge like a dollar a month? You can do that by setting a maximum when you make your pledge. That's up to you. The reason I'm not charging you on a monthly basis is simple: I don't want to be paid unless I'm doing the work. If I don't put out articles, I don't get paid. Fair is fair. I don't believe in taking money just to keep a site alive if it never updates.

And that will never change.

That said, if you do pledge a certain amount per article for four articles a month, I want to offer you a special thank you. So check out the various pledge-level rewards when you decide how much my content is worth. Those are just little things, though. Because I figure the best thing I can do to say thank you is to keep cranking out quality content.

Thanks for reading all of this s$&% and thanks for your support.
100% complete
If I've got $250 per article pledged, I'm going to let you into my secret GMing lab while I build an awesome megadungeon. In blog form. Twice a month. 

It's no secret that I've been developing a D&D campaign based on exploring a megadungeon complex inspired by some of my favorite video games like Metroid and Dark Souls. It'll put into practice all sorts of design concepts I've written about and some I haven't gotten around to writing about. And it won't be just about combat. It'll be about exploring a space, learning its story, opening new areas to explore, dealing with obstacles and puzzles, AND combat. Thing is, while I plan to publish the whole thing once its done, I'd rather let you watch over my shoulder while I design and develop the damned thing. And, if you don't mind downloading it in bits and pieces, you can get it for free. That's right, I'll blog the development of the whole damned thing, one week at a time.
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