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About The Annual

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What is The Annual?

In the winter of 2013, potential Mayan apocalypse safely behind us, The Annual, a bimonthly humor magazine, made its way to mailboxes across America. Twelve issues later, The Annual transitioned from printed page to webpage, where it exists for free! 

Since its inception The Annual has cultivated original humor, distinct from the fake-news format dominating web comedy. We've interviewed Gaby Dunn, Colin Mochrie, Justin Roiland, Sara Benincasa, Ron Funches and many more! We've created two fully-scripted live shows that embody the fictional world of The Annual. In 2017 we shifted focus as many of our contributors moved on to create content for such sites as Cafe, Reductress, The National Lampoon and Weekly Humorist. Comfortable writing for these other sources, we wanted to keep The Annual alive so we shifted focus our focus to podcasting. Using the funds from this Patreon we were able to create a new home for Annual content and shows (like The Last Hurrah and Now Available on Video Cassette). We've also been able to produce our own comedic kid's show Good Times With Karli Cole. But we need your help!

Why support us?
For its two-year print run, The Annual founder (Kevin Cole) financed the magazine's printing costs out of his own pocket, with the help of this Patreon we have been able compensate contributors for their work. With a focus shifted towards podcasting we need your help to keep The Annual Podcasts afloat. With your donations we are able to cover basic hosting and equipment costs for our growing network of shows. The more folks are able to donate, the more shows we can produce and more we will be able to eventually pay our contributors.

What shows are we creating?
All Dogs Go To Hollywood

Join IO Duarte as they explore the world of talking dog movies. Everything from the Airbud cinematic universe to the straight to netflix puppy productions that you've never heard of. Each film strange and wonderful in it's own way, just like a real dog!

The Great American Love Story
Two gals talking about love. You know, the kind of love that follows you home at night then hides in the bushes, watching the rise and fall of your chest as you sleep, only to silently creep behind you on your way out the door the next day. The kind that lingers beyond the grave. The kind that makes you eat your young. You guys know what I'm talking about! Tune in every other Tuesday to hear about the many and strange forms love can take.
The Last Hurrah
MET-x and The Annual are proud to present The Last Hurrah, a free monthly comedy show at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre. Join us in Stage 2 at 7pm on the last Sunday of every month for a wild off-the-cuff talk show hosted by Kevin Cole featuring the Two Human Family (but not by blood) Band (Karli Cole & Thom Huenger) and a series of panelists including IO Duarte, Callan Holderbaum and more! Each month join this band of goofballs and some special guests as they discuss the world around them, perform stand up comedy, welcome characters and possibly create some slam poetry.
Now Available on Video Cassette
Are you what the millennials call "a 90s kid"? Do you have fond memories of popping in a VHS of your favorite movie? Have you done this recently, only to find that the beloved films of your childhood are deeply problematic or just plain bad? Join Thom Huenger and Trevor Williams every week as they take a sledge hammer to their childhood nostalgia, reminisce about their favorite films and then watch them, only to realize their worst fears: childhood wasn't so great.

Marry Me! (on hiatus)
For years the world has wondered, what would happen if two unmarried comedy writers teamed with a happily married priest to answer questions regarding married life? Now the world has its answer. It all started in 2012 when Cullen Dolson and Kevin Cole met Susan Daughtry, the staff chaplain at an Episcopal Summer Camp where the two worked, the infatuation was instant. By 2013 it had evolved to recurring desperation as the two would proclaim “Marry Me!” after every interaction with Susan despite the fact that she was married, residing with her husband on the same mountain. Eventually, Kevin and Cullen would have to justify their frequent proclamations of love and Marry Me would be born.

What's in it for you?
Not only are you helping to cultivate art and conversation, but we've got a plethora of print editions of The Annual that we will gladly send your way as a thank you for your pledge. Our creators are also hard at work developing bonus episodes and exclusive podcasts for our Patreon backers.
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Complete financial coverage for Podcast/Website Hosting as well as equipment for our podcasters.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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