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Alms for the poor...
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Every dollar helps us reach the goal and we leave it to you the amount you may wish to support with.

You will receive an email from a team member with a personal note of thanks and gratitude.

Anyone generously giving $5 dollars or more will get a monthly update video and other behind the scenes goodies only open to our supporters.

If you happen to blow us away with your generosity you will receive much more including possible personal video's and/or invitations to Skype our team and many others.

Every dollar goes a long way to achieving our dream and we thank you for the assistance.

Rage Mode!!!
Limited (10 remaining)
per month

Q: Why is it called Rage Mode?
A: Rage Mode is for only the serious supporter and is usually broached during a live interaction or requested.

Q: Why the hell would anybody want to pay you to work?
A: If you are asking this question it's not for you. 

Q: Can I just give you the support.

A: Yes! We would tailor a special monthly package just for you.

This is the base support level of our environment and it allows supporters a voice on our team. You will have the opportunity to become a productive cog in our machine. 

Some of the fun things we do in the background.

* Watching our podcasts sections early to voice critique, concerns but mostly high praise!

* Join a project and SKYPE/Messenger with the team and other Rage members involved.

*  Help develop our free monthly content such as short scripts, stories and...

Sorry guys, we can't give too much away now can we?

If this sound like you or you would like to know more about access to this Tier? Please send your severed left little finger, a lock of hair and your plea on parchment written in blood to... No! please don't, instead.

Drop a quick note about yourself and why you want to subject yourself to our crazy creative shambles?

[email protected]

Talk soon...

Utter Gratitude!
Limited (2 remaining)
per month

There are no words... but here goes.

Firsty, yes I know that this is an outrageous tier and realisticly we do not expect it to get filled but one thing I have learnt along this and the many journey that have lead to this point, life is a strange master and usually provides a way!

If a particular human-being or beings (if out there) where to support us at this level they would gain as much or as little access to the inner workings of our world as they choose. 

I personally as team leader (It's a collective mentality) would never be able to express my personal gratitude and heart felt thanks if this pledge where to become a reality, not even close but that does not mean the team would not try.

Q: Whats the money use for?

A: As this is a self-funded venture (or adventure) this is truly the dream tier and one that would see it become a full-time journey and occupation with a full time employee being appointed. 

A: This generosity would also set into motion a self running, fully funded entity designed to gives back to the creative community. 

A:  More coffee, dried apricots and so much more.

Our benefactor would also be entitled to the package of all packages, just ask and ye shall receive.

Please let me sign off with thanks you for your consideration...
Now back to you my new overlords! 👽😈

Carpe Diem


(Drunken Clarity)


Hello, Selam, Ni hao, Ya'at'eeh, tlhIngan Hol (Klingon) and my favorite, G'Day.

Welcome to The Apocalypto Cafe, our little safe haven amongst the rubble. The place where  you can come in from the cold or heat and just get chill reading, watching or listening to any of our content for free. Content that comes from both our small global team of misfits and our like-minded friends throughout the Indy community.

Patreon is one way that our Friends and supporters get the opportunity to help us continue to build our community and grow towards a sustainable engine. We do need to eat and replace tech from time to time.

There are also a couple of unique opportunities for pre-organised or requested services.

We look forward to meeting each and every traveler that may stumble upon... 

The Apocalypto Cafe!

0% complete
This is the only goal that matters, number one!

If this goal was to be reached it would change our world and fast track the start of something wonderful, a full time slave to man the running of The Apocalypto Cafe.

That's right, one silly sucker get's to quit his job and just focus on running this ship.

It also means that their is a high level of support that believes in our vision.

For whatever reason you are helping or have helped us get to this place, thanks!
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