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About TheArchstones

My starting goal and my end goal has always been to preserve games that would otherwise be lost to the world. I have helped on multiple projects back in the day which brought Japanese games to American shores by helping translating and other coding work. I have been active in the Assembler Games and Obscure Gaming forums. As these two places, I have mainly lived by for game preservation work.
These days a lot of my time is focused on one thing, Demon's Souls. Since this was possible I took on the ownership of making sure there was a matchmaking server available, so people could still enjoy playing Demon's Soul's online even after official support ended. This game meant a lot to me back when it first released And still does now because I can relive all of the epic moments I had and crazy invasions I had to deal with them.
Also just like any game that has ever existed, I wish none of them would ever lose their original functionality. While I have multiple other mini projects I work on the side. This one is close to me. So your generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you

All funds here just help support Server Cost and improving the server where possible
Thank you so much