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About Graham Shine

Hi there! I'm an aspiring web-cartoonist/comic artist looking to make my current projects a reality, whilst focusing mainly on my video content.

On top of those I also currently run a small Etsy shop where I quite happily create custom artwork for people, but as you'd expect, that kind of income isn't particularly stable, sometimes it's so unstable it barely exists.

I run a slowly growing, family-friendly YouTube channel (The Archworks) where I showcase my digital art, play games and hopefully one day, I aim to make some motivational/instructional videos to go along with the workshops I do with local kids from time-to-time.

I would like to clarify though, that I'd like my content to remain free to anybody who wants to read/watch it. I'm fine with giving backers exclusive "goodies" and incentives, but the content must always remain free.

Beyond that I would love to be able to financially support myself and take the pressure off of my girlfriend, who would love to be able to take more time out from her full time job to focus on her creative projects.

At present I'm not all-together sure what "rewards" I can offer outside of the comic and videos themselves. I would genuinely love to offer something like behind-the-scenes videos, maybe move on up to livestreams and such. Generally I'd love to build a community more than anything.

So if this all sounds promising enough to you and you're willing to help me grow these ideas into something tangible and support me both as a creator and as a person, then I genuinely thank you with every fiber of my being.
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At the this rate I can finally afford to pay for my own software licenses and slowly start to upgrade my overall production setup.

So I'll be able to do invite-only backer streams to show off behind-the-scenes stuff and do viewer requests.

I might even give Discord a look and see if I can figure it out for Backer-only discord chats.
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