Cody Burkett is creating The Arizona Wine Monk Blog and Podcast

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Thank you for supporting me!  I'll email you a random fact about Arizona wine!

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I will email you a photograph of one of Arizona's scenic vineyards that I have personally taken.

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If you fund me for $35 or more, I'll personally help you on the phone, or in person, to find that perfect bottle of wine for any given event.  I shall be your personal cybersomnalier!

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You win a podcast with me!  I'll provide the wine, and we can do it over Skype, or if in Arizona, personally.

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Podcast and personal winery tour of the Verde Valley wine region!  Drink with The Arizona Wine Monk!

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Personal wine tour of Sonoita/Elgin or Willcox!  Enjoy wide open spaces and fantastic, world class wines and listen to me talk about how awesome they are!