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  • Who the heck are the Artists LeFey?

          Bonjour! We're Grey Forge LeFey and Khrysso Heart LeFey of the Morongo Valley LeFeys, and hosts of the online art gallery The Artists LeFey. We're a couple, a couple of Renaissance men, and perhaps ever so slightly eccentric. Between us, we create a vast array of art, ranging from essays, plays, paintings, and collage, to music, design, digital art, objets d'art, blogs, comics and stagecraft. Like Michelangelo, like da Vinci, like Clive Barker and Steve Martin, we're men with our fingers in a lot of pies! And we'd love to share our pie with you.

  • How can you get your pie à la LeFey?

          We're charmed to have patrons and associates who help to make our inventiveness possible, and we're proud to offer the fruits of our labors to our subscribers here on Patreon. There is strength in solidarity (Power to the people!!) and the small contributions of the many add up to a huge lot of love that purchases paint, paste, polymer, and paper, capiche? So the support of any recurring monthly donation of a dollar or more makes you a contributor to the success of our internship program, L'Auberge West.

  • What is L'Auberge West?

          Our primary goal on Patreon was to make a Big Move West, and we've accomplished that goal, resettling into the Morongo Basin in southern California. It's beautiful here and the arts environment is so welcoming and stimulating, not to mention the gorgeous landscape with the Big Morongo Nature Preserve and Joshua Tree National Park. It's our new goal to create an internship program here at Shangri-LeFey, providing shelter, supplies, and studio space for visiting artists to experience the beauty of the Mojave Desert and its inhabitants.

We're so grateful for those who have supported us and those joining us here on Patreon. More than ever, this is a scary time when funding for creative programs is being cut in schools and communities everywhere, with lack of support and disdain from the top on down. Patreon is grass roots support from individuals who value the lessons art brings to nurture a community. Your contribution will help save the life of the Arts in America, allow us to give support back to artists, and to bridge geographic boundaries. We're thrilled to share our work with you in the form of thoughtful writing, comic strips, greeting cards, coloring pages, songs, previews from new plays, and much, much more, as well as bonus premiums from visiting artists when in residence. It's oodles of LeFey boodle! Please check out our website at for a more comprehensive look at all the art we make and services we provide, and visit to peruse our online fine art gallery. We couldn't make any of this magic without you!

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Our current goal is the minimum of $500 a month to establish and sustain our internship program of L'Auberge West. L'Auberge West is a residence opportunity of up to nearly a month with food, supplies, and studio time covered for visiting artists. Thank you so much for helping us to pay forward the support of our patrons!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 44 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 44 exclusive posts

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