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About Jacinda Aytch

Hello loves! My name is Jacinda, but most of you can call me Jae. I'm a freelance illustrator based in North Carolina, US. I absolutely LOVE to create stories and characters that hopefully you all will enjoy. My passion project is StepSisters, a dramatic slice of life that tells the story of 16-year-old Mariya Kato and her journey of accepting her new family members as well as navigating through high school. Sometimes not everything can be solved with a fist to the face, a lesson she learns multiple times.

I’ve been working on StepSisters for years but decided on making the version you’re reading its final incarnation. Your patronage will help me with that! Your support allows me to focus on presenting you with the best version of the comic possible, record process videos, answer any questions you may have and focus on building a great community. Your pledges will allow me to purchase art supplies, pay bills, print physical copies of StepSisters along with other items, and it allows me to enjoy life with a little bit of stress lifted off my shoulders.

 How This Thing Works! 

If you like my work and would love to help me out, just choose how much you want to pledge per month . Even $1 helps out and gets you some great goodies!

You can edit or cancel your pledge at any point, don’t worry I understand how life tends to be!

💜 I appreciate any support you give so I can keep pumping out pages! 💜

🌺If you want to see any of my work or get in contact with me please follow me on  InstagramTwitter, and Facebook! If you want to purchase prints or a copy of StepSisters visit my  store! Also, visit my website for future blog updates and to see more illustrations! 🌺

Current Project List:
  • -StepSisters
In Progress (Preproduction):
  • -Revenant
  • -There’s a Vampire in My Basement
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